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In general Saturn and Mars are opposing energies. Mars likes to push forward and energetically moves into life’s adventures with much enthusiasm. Saturn has a lot to do with restrictions and delays and will always take the tried and tested route. It will not push forward until all of the “T’s” have been crossed and all the “I’s” have been dotted. As you can imagine, these two energies work at odds against one another.

The only time they work well together is when you have spent the appropriate amount of time studying a subject or goal and are truly prepared to move ahead. Unfinished work or untidy conditions due to rushing will never work out under a Saturn/Mars aspect. Perhaps you will have a greater chance of success with a trine or sextile but even under these conditions, you will still have to do the ground work and can never cut corners.

Saturn is very restrictive in its nature but does provide opportunities for success when the ground work is completed. Mars is always ready to move ahead, so when these two are combined, there is a great push and pull. The energy of Mars is thwarted and stagnated but if we were to pursue something that requires deep study and concentrated energy, following Saturn’s requirements, you just might succeed.

Since Mars stimulates the urge for action and is always pushing ahead, the energy of Saturn can cause problems – even confrontations due to frustration. Arguments and anger are often side shoots of this combination. Accidents are also associated with this combination as we tend to want to rush even when we should be cautious. We may feel frustration when attempting to move ahead in our objectives, although if we take our time and realize that in order to achieve what we set out to do it will require steady unobstructed hard work, we can actually achieve a great deal. We must learn to be patient and recognize that it takes time to achieve positive results when Saturn is involved.

As mentioned we can become quite irritable which in turn creates arguments and disruptions in the flow of things. Aggressive action will lead to troublesome times. It might not take much to make us angry as progress is often hindered in some way and at times seemingly by others. Everything seems to be moving at a snail’s pace and we just want to get on with things. I suppose Saturn, the task maker, is teaching us patience. We will have to persevere if we want to make any progress at all.

If we focus and stay with our task at hand regardless of intrusion and delays, we have the opportunity to accomplish big things, but not without some challenge that we will have to endure and rise above with this aspect.

If Mars is located on our Ascendant or in the sixth house, we may experience frustrations around our working conditions. Because of these feelings of stagnation, we can begin to feel sick and our health can be affected in adverse ways. The best thing to do is to accept whatever life conditions seem to come our way with this aspect and realize that it will take longer to complete tasks even if they are important. Sometimes we just need to accept that life does not always go the way we would like it to go, although with a persistent effort and concentrated energy, we will accomplish quite a lot.

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