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Transiting Saturn is currently in the sign of Aquarius and will remain in Aquarius until the Spring of 2023. Saturn, which is often linked to disciplined action and restrained conditions, moving through the sign of Aquarius (the sign of humanitarian endeavors, enlightenment, and awakenings) will be a testing ground for our ability to focus and to stay true to our beliefs. This is particularly true when T. Saturn conjuncts or makes challenging aspects to our natal Mercury’s position. Check your astrology chart to locate Mercury and calculate any aspects with Saturn, if any, which occur during this period. The earlier degrees of transiting Saturn may have already passed at this point.

Saturn is the teacher of the Zodiac but is resistant to change. With the energies of Aquarius, change is inevitable. Saturn is always willing to take the long road to learn what is needed. If the shortcut is more appealing to you while Saturn is making contact, you will find that this will not work out. Saturn insists that you not miss any steps, and you will have to adjust along the way. You cannot ignore any detail under this influence. Every detail must be faced.

If, however, you work your way through these lessons and you are diligent in your efforts and face any adversity that might present itself head on, you will come out the other side much stronger and a more experienced individual with knowledge and understanding that will stand the test of time.

On a mental level, it may seem quite tedious as you seem to be tested at every junction point, but you will learn a great deal about your inner resolve during Saturn contact. Could one of these important lessons be “being present”?

The house Saturn is transiting and where natal Mercury is located will be the area of life that is being affected and the natal house placement of Saturn will also play a significant role. Be sure to check the aspects to Mercury by other transiting planets as well as its condition within the natal chart for a clearer picture.

Even if Mercury is challenged in the birth chart, remember that challenging aspect when applied to our life’s mission will be rectified over time and can eventually work like a trine or sextile once mastered.

Saturn and Mercury together can indicate times of worry, anxiety and negativity. Mercury is the planet of the mind and some of the greatest tests will be during its time spent with Saturn. This may not be an easy time, but all adversity can be conquered when approached appropriately. Belief structure will play an important role during Saturn’s stint with Mercury.

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