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Pluto’s energies in Astrology are always suggestive of change. It brings about some transformation in life, change that usually have been trying to reach your attention for some time.

Saturn is quite contrary to Pluto. Saturn resists change and adheres to what is known and comfortable.

As you can imagine, these two energies (Pluto and Saturn) can be quite problematic. Pluto is about evolutionary change and suppressing these needed changes can cause havoc in life. It is beyond the normal ranges of change that Pluto is asking for and in many cases it first appears in the subconscious and then comes to the surface for your acknowledgement and then causes change in your outer world.

The suppression of Pluto’s energies can actually become unsafe, as these energies need to be released. You are much better off dealing with what stands before you and assisting the change than you are trying to keep things as they are or to ignore the needed change. Disruption and even violent outbursts of energy can be the result of quashing or ignoring these energies. You need to focus on bringing about the change in your life that is being suggested or something will make it happen through force. Forceful changes are aggressive and disruptive.

Often after much deliberation, you will find that the final changes that you decided upon were inevitable after all and although it may take some adjustment to adapt to these new avenues of expression, in the end they are just what the doctor ordered. Pluto brings about development and progress often after some struggle and the recognition of what needs to take place in your life. What takes place in your life now will have ramifications at a later date often when Saturn squares this position in 7 years and again when it opposes it in 14 years.

Sometimes the changes that take place have to do with finances or the structure of your life. Potentially your work may be involved. These areas of life will become a focal point although much will depend on where Saturn is transiting in your chart (house position). The house position will be the area of life that is being affected. You can also look at which cusp is being ruled by Saturn in your chart (which house cusp has Capricorn on it or contained within it). This will also provide you with further information and assist you in defining how things might manifest. Have a look at this conjunction to see if there are other planets that are in aspect as well. This too will also determine whether the change is an easy one and how the other energies will affect the overall transition taking place in your life. Remember whatever planets form aspects to your natal Pluto will also receive an aspect from transiting Saturn.

The defining order of the day will be one that needs alignment and together these powerful planets can have a profound effect on your life. Do not avoid the inevitable as resisting change is futile. Also, most times the change that will be required now is nowhere near in intensity as the later challenging manifestations that will occur if change is not made willingly as the aspect intensifies in its expression if it must be forced.

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