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In astrological terms, a conjunction of Transiting Saturn to Natal Saturn happens around the 29th, the 58th and the 87th birthdays. Any of these Saturn conjunctions to its natal positioning is known as the Saturn Return.

The house position of Saturn in the natal chart describes the area of life that is emphasized during this aspect and the sign position (currently Capricorn, January 2018) describes what some of the characteristics might be. Any natal aspects to this position will also have an influence on what takes place and how the energies unfold. The influence of the conjunction can take as much as one year to complete as sometimes Saturn will go into retrograde and pass over the same degree again (within 8 degrees approaching and 5 degrees separating) before it completes its cycle.

If Saturn is challenged in the natal chart (squares, oppositions, and many conjunctions and to a lesser degree semi-squares, quincunxes and Sesquiquadrates) this period can be quite difficult. Many do find that the first return of Saturn to its natal positioning in particular to be quite difficult. Saturn does have a reputation for making things challenging and seems to test our resilience but also rewards us for hard and diligent efforts.

The conjunction of transiting Saturn to its natal positioning is often a pivotal time in our life’s journey. It often a very important time and herald’s life changes like never before (especially with the first return of Saturn). Quite often the time leading up to this return cycle can be tumultuous but much depends on how you have been living your life up to this point. This is often a time of great change and often our view on life significantly alters because of life’s circumstances that seem to be out of our control.

At this time (January 2018) transiting Uranus is squaring this position and pushing for change in rather dynamic ways. If you are experiencing this aspect after January, 2018, you may not feel so impacted by life events that are out of your hands, because Uranus will be out of the orb of influence.

Quite often people speak of changes in relationships and changes within the working environment. Some move out of the parental home (usually at the first return at 29 yrs old) and take up residence somewhere else. Others buy their first home or sell their house and move into another house. Some finish their schooling (although many go through this process around the age 21-22 when the last square of Transiting Saturn to its natal position is in force). One thing is for certain, the person you were and the life you were living prior to your Saturn Return will be significantly changed over the course of a year or two. What you are looking for in life will have changed too but in a positive manner. You are now setting yourself up for the future as this seems important at this time in your life.

Things in life that warrant change are subject to great scrutiny, and your evaluation of these conditions is actually what creates this change of direction. You may feel that you are somehow at the mercy of life right now, but in reality, the changes that are now beginning to settle or have just begun are a requirement in life as a shift is required. It is best to move forward with some anticipation but also to prune away anything in your life that has become dormant and/or no longer serves a real purpose. This could be particularly true in areas related to your occupation and goals in life as Saturn is currently in Capricorn.

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