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The natal Sun has to do with who we are on the inside, our life objectives, and goals we wish to accomplish. It speaks of our core and depending on the sign of our Sun at birth and the house placement, it identifies how we will maneuver our way through life and what area of life is important in this pursuit.

Saturn has to do with restrictions and delays but if addressed appropriately, it also promotes the solidifications of our plans and educates us through our actions. Saturn is known as the teacher of the zodiac and depending on how it is aspected and placed in the natal chart, it often denotes areas of life that need to be worked on or areas of life that might pose problematic conditions. Saturn is rarely indicative of the easy road as we will need to work hard to achieve its objectives, but hard work pays off in dividends.

The Sun in many cases is a very encouraging and a constructive placement in our horoscope. Unless it is poorly placed, there is an encouraging, hopeful approach to life and the area of life it occupies. When transiting Saturn moves into conjunction to our natal Sun, the area of life dictated by the house position of our Sun is often under some stress. It appears that we must work hard to accomplish anything we set out to do and there are often delays and obstacles to overcome.

Check the natal positioning to Saturn and its aspects to get a clear understanding of what we might be dealing with. If Saturn natally is unafflicted and there are no other or very few transits challenging our Sun, this aspect from Saturn to the Sun may indicate that a solidification process is underway, and structures are being built that will stand the test of time. However, if there are obstacles in the way and this is a poor alignment then work must be done, and you may find that there will be shortcomings. Success is not guaranteed without continued effort and even so, things may not work exactly the way you would like them to.

Transiting Saturn causes worry as it has a bad reputation, but with a sound approach and diligent effort much can be accomplished. What it teaches is often much more important than what we are trying to accomplish. There are lessons to be learned and perhaps challenges ahead but with a positive approach and no skipped steps, much potential is available.

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