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Saturn, the requirer of stability, does not blend well with the ever-changing, disruptive and need for evolution required by Uranus. Saturn is about solidification and stability through consistency and regulated application. Uranus is about the need for change due to complacency and a need to progress and move forward, which sometimes includes moving in a completely new direction. Saturn does not want change and is comfortable with routine and consistency.

These energies of Saturn and Uranus fight against each other.

Where Uranus is found in your chart there can be drastic or unexpected change. It is a place where freedom of action is a requirement. When T. Saturn aspected Uranus (depending on how the natal aspects to Uranus are) it either solidifies the element of change and helps to create something new (something that will stand the test of time and be more reliable), or it will impede change that is required.

If change is necessary and Saturn restricts or diminishes that potential, then there can be disharmony and a feeling of being stuck. The change that takes place after alignments can be very disruptive and may take time to work out. The sudden element potentiality can cause struggle as the new is whisked in with little preparation.

If T Saturn moves into retrograde, you will find that as it moves through its cycle and makes its second pass while in retrograde the energies should be less disruptive as Saturn works well while in retrograde. Work must be implemented and you must make the necessary alignments that are needed. In many cases you are better off making the changes while Saturn is in retrograde if this is what is being brought to the surface than when it moves in direct motion and makes its final pass.

Saturn is the teacher; lessons will be taught and hopefully learned well so that the same procedure does not take place when Saturn makes its opposition or square to your Natal Uranus’s position.

A full interpretation of your chart must be taken into consideration to get the complete picture of the energies at hand but this post explains the conjunct between Saturn and Uranus.

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