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For a large portion of 2017, transiting Saturn will be in Sagittarius from 21 to 29 degrees. In late December, it moves into the sign of Capricorn. This post will affect those with their Sun in Sagittarius between 17 degrees to the end of the sign and into the early degrees of Capricorn. Remember to take into consideration the house that your Sun is in as well as the overall condition of your Sun by planetary aspects as you read this post. The position of your natal Saturn will also be part of the energies.

Saturn generally has its greatest effect when it is two degrees past direct. For example, if your Sun is at 23 degrees Sagittarius, Saturn will have its greatest impact at 25 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn tends to delay action and often slows down progress. This could explain why it is strongest at two degrees past direct, unlike any other planet. Saturn takes its time as it wants to make sure that everything has been competed as perfectly as possible.

Sagittarius addresses higher learning and often deals directly with religion, spirituality, and an advanced philosophy of life that looks at everything from a positive perspective. Sagittarius truly believes that there is always something better waiting just around the next corner. Saturn on the other hand can be quite restrictive and challenges you to work hard, even alone and that although hard work can be tedious at times, the efforts are often tied to the end result. Saturn tests your ambitions and can also affect your health when directly related to the Sun, although a thorough examination of your chart would be required for a clear, accurate evaluation. If you do feel tired or run down during this period, this is normal, but if you have any major concerns, you should have a physical checkup at least once during Saturn’s stay in Sagittarius. Checking the natal potential for this however is highly advised.

Saturn can bring to fruition efforts which might have been started some 14 years ago when it was in opposition to the Sun. Whatever was initiated at that time may now be brought forward and the results of those actions may now be seen. Often an opposition suggests that others were involved in the outcome and the results can be either very fulfilling or you may be frustrated about the outcome of these actions. This current period initiates a time of responsibility and difficulties, and although you may feel burdened and over-worked during this time, the more you put into your efforts, the greater the potential outcome. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, does bring with it some luck and opportunities, but consistency and hard work is usually an important part of the process.

This period could involve your occupation and any goals you have set for yourself. As mentioned previously, Saturn can also affect your health, and you should be careful to neither overdo things nor put too much responsibility on yourself. Sometimes these extra responsibilities that often manifest during this period will stem directly from your superiors. Do not to take on any more than you are capable of handling and know your limits. If you have been working on a project and it is near its completion or will find its conclusion at some point during this year, it is advised that you keep working towards the end result and do not start any new projects until this one is completed.

This is often a time when you learn about perseverance and hard work, and patience is often an area that needs some work. Remember the harder you work at something, the greater the chances for a successful conclusion. If something does not work out the way you had planned, you can stay on the same path in some way and make whatever alterations are required to make things work. If you find that the potential is not good for a positive outcome, you can cut your losses and recognize that things are sometimes not meant to be.

You may feel somewhat limited and your normal optimistic approached to life may be thwarted during this time. You are learning perseverance and the potential for rewards is also in the works. Do not allow negativity to enter the picture even though a part of you wants to break free of the current restrictions. Stay true to yourself. The lessons best learned sometimes teach us that many things in life are not as we anticipate because we cannot see the whole picture. Once we see the whole picture, we may need to change our focus.

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