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Saturn will often cause you to go within to evaluate personal relationships and your life on a material basis when it is conjunct Venus. It is a time when you will have a close look at any existing relationships that are lacking in substance. These types of relationships will either go through a period of analysis or you may walk away from the individual involved. It could be considered a time of testing our relationships and examining them in detail when Saturn conjuncts Venus. Those connections that make it through this scrutiny will be solid and reliable, and you would be wise to recognize this.

You may find that you must tighten your spending or at the very least, take a good look at a budget. It is wise not to go any further in debt until this transit has passed, at the very least. If you have been going through a period of budgeting and have taken a conservative approach, this could be a good time to finalize the plan and to structure your life so that you are well prepared for the future. Setting up a retirement plan and setting aside a certain amount of money weekly or monthly would be a good way to prepare for the future according to this aspect. Saturn is always looking at the long haul and if you currently follow Saturn’s advice and do not accompany the goals with worry, you could set yourself up for a comfortable future.

It can also be a time of self-study. Have an honest look at how your relationships may need some adjustments. This is a good time to reflect on how you interact with others and either loosen up or become more structured in how you deal with others. Perhaps you are too stingy when it comes to spending your money on friends and you should become more giving. On the other hand perhaps, you have been frivolous and now you should choose those that you deem worthy of your generosity.

Saturn and Venus under many conditions are not very well suited for one another, but a lot can be learned during this time. Spend time on your own. Take the time to think and reflect but do not stay this way for extended periods of time. Take note of the changes you might make to make things run smoother. Never let pessimism rule. Stay optimistic and make changes where and how you see fit.

When Saturn is in retrograde its energies are much gentler and often produce fewer challenging conditions than when it is direct. Saturn retrograde can produce viable results and offers less resistance than when it is moving direct. Saturn is the only planet while in retrograde that actually works well. Some even relate Saturn’s retrograde energies like Jupiter. It does not have the expansive qualities or the general opportunities, but it does provide some potential for rewarding experiences. Much will depend on the natal potential related to the aspects to Saturn from other planets and angles in the birth chart.

When in retrograde and connected to Venus this may signify that the relationship is reaching a more solid foundation and perhaps it moves to the next step. If this period has to do with finances perhaps having prepared for this time you are now able to buy important things such as invest in your pension or make a purchase of land or invest in a company. It will however be important to review all the other aspects currently active in your chart before you dive in.

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