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Transiting Saturn travelling through the zodiac under most conditions (depending on how it is aspected in the birth chart) can influence disharmony, challenging conditions, hardship and anxiety due to lessons that need to be learned. As this planet transits through the houses of your chart, it can create shortages and periods with hurdles to overcome. It is known as a challenging planet under most conditions and even trine and sextile aspects do not pass through easily when Saturn is in its transit cycle.

Venus on the other hand is favourable and often suggests favourable conditions through its transit not to mention where it is located in the birth chart. Venus can denote financial stability and security and is often defined as the planet where love and affection can easily be expressed. Once again, however, much will depend on the sign Venus is found in within the natal configuration. How it is aspected will also play an important role in how it influences you and your chart.

Venus can also speak of young women and beauty.

In general, an opposition (180 degree aspect) is considered unfavourable and in many cases this aspect involves others. Oppositions are considered an awareness aspect and will often force you to deal with issues, although not to the extreme that a square would.

An opposition from transiting Saturn to your natal Venus may imply financial shortages or perhaps having to work harder for you essentials. It may challenge your income potential or present you with obstacles interfering with the flow of money.

Since Venus can also relate to love and affection as well as the social aspect of engagement with others, Saturn can cause stressful conditions in love affairs and with the show of affection. Love and affection may be blocked in some manner and the release of these emotions many come with conditions or setbacks. Due to the fact that we are speaking of an opposition, the difficulties, however they present themselves, may stem from others. Saturn makes things difficult and also adds responsibility. If this deals with a love affair, you may feel overburdened by your part in the relationship. If this aspect is found in your chart, you may feel that the love you give is not being equally reciprocated.

Although Saturn can be thought of as a testing period and often brings with it challenging conditions, it is also known as the teacher of the Zodiac, and although its lesson’s may be difficult, what you ultimately learn during the process or after the fact may be well worth all the hard work and effort you had to do on your part.

Saturn offers stability and security and also has lasting potential, but you will want to do your diligent work to reap these rewards. Take no short cuts, use the tried and tested route and ask for advice from those in authority or with experience as these will give you great support and valuable information.

Take in the energies of Saturn without reluctance and see what Saturn is trying to teach you. Do not fight its energies as this can certainly make things even more challenging. At the same time, understand that, as with all things, this time/lesson will pass, and you will make it through the adversity and become stronger and more educated because of the experience.

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