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While Saturn is in opposition to the Midheaven (which identifies your occupation), it is also in conjunction to the IC (which identifies your roots and home and family). The focus on these two aspects of Saturn is to make sure that one of these areas of life (MC or IC) does not interfere with your responsibilities to the other area. You may find that you tend to neglect one in favour of the advancement of the other area during this aspect.

Quite often the emphasis is on the home environment and family and there seems to be a lot of energy invested in this area of life. A conjunction always emphasized whatever planet or angle it touches. The opposition draws attention to the occupation but it will often be outside sources that seem to bring this to your attention. Perhaps your boss does not feel that you are doing your work diligently or that your family is getting in the way of your work performance. You will need to rectify the issue.

There are many who experience some challenging conditions before this opposition to the IC as life may seem to have its share of intrusions and obligations seem to take much of your attention. Struggles are often associated with Saturn and restrictions and delays are common during this period. Saturn unlike other planet because of its natural tendency to delay matters is often at its strongest 2 degree past its opposition to the IC.

This is actually a time when the home environment needs your attention and you will need to pay particular attention to the family and to family matters. Although the occupational seem to pull at you, you will find that when Saturn comes to Conjunct the MC in some fourteen years that this will be an period of much significance. The problem right now is that both areas are calling for your attention and you may feel a push and pull effect.

This is an important time in your life and as Saturn passes over this degree many people begin a new phase in their lives. The decisions that you are making now will have significant influences in years to come, so lay down your roots and familiarize yourself with the obligations of home and family and set standards that will be beneficial for the future. Saturn in this position is laying the foundation for what is yet to come.

Some begin anew at this time. Starting families or changing homes is often a by-product of this aspect especially if there are other outer transiting planets making aspect to this position of Saturn or if transiting Saturn is making aspects to other areas in your chart. Saturn makes things concrete and stable but not without work. Make sure you are not missing any steps along the way. Do not rush the process. It takes time to build solid footings.

You are on your way and where life will take you no one knows but prepare as best you can now while things are in motion. The future looks bright as long as you take the proper steps necessary to secure it.

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