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As mentioned in our Part I of our Gemini forecast post on May 31, 2017, transiting Saturn is also in opposition to those with their Sun in the later degrees of Gemini. The transit from Jupiter to the Sun will do wonders in many areas of life for those that have this aspect in their charts now; however, those with later degrees of Sun in Gemini anywhere from 18 to 29 degrees will also have this opposition to contend with.

Jupiter and Saturn are basically at odds with one-another as Jupiter offers optimism, growth and expansion, while Saturn can be pessimistic and can stagnate growth or at the very least insists that you work hard for your achievements. So during this period through to the end of 2017 those individuals with later degrees Sun in Gemini may find that although the opportunities are available and the general feeling is that of exuberance, you may have to work harder to achieve your objectives than others. Quite often the opposition is suggestive of challenging conditions coming from outside sources or from other people.

This does not mean that you should let go of your ambitious objectives or wait until a better time. As long as you go through a thorough process without missing any steps along the way, the potential is still there for success. Hard work and perseverance is the call of the day and if you put in the time, cross all the “T’s” and dot all of the “I’s”, you might very well get there and also find that your final results are much more tangible than if this had been an easy ride.

Saturn does offer rewards for hard work and diligence and often these objectives will be built on very solid foundations that can stand the test of time. Do not slack off! Do not miss any steps or take shortcuts for it you do, sadly you might be faced with the reality that digging deep and giving your all was what this aspect was all about. Make sure you have a look at any aspect between natal Saturn and natal Sun. If the aspect is an easy one, the chances now for success are even greater. If the aspect is difficult with the natal planets, you will have to put all of yourself into the effort. Realize that the most valuable lessons learned in life usually come through challenging conditions.

As Jupiter is expansive in its energies and can provide you with physical energies, Saturn can also restrict this so at times you will feel energized and at other times drained. It is best not to get overly involved in energy usage at this time. Take nice easy walks in nature or in beautiful places and don’t push yourself beyond your limits. Exercise is still important, even if you feel drained at times. The energy drain is likely to come from outside sources, especially people and those in authority positions who may appear to be trying to deflate your ambitions. Do not allow others to have this control. Push forward and above all else believe in yourself and recognize what you are capable of doing.

The strongest feeling of depletion may come during the months of March to July then the energies equal out in the late summer months and early fall all of 2017. It can be nice to understand why you feel the way you do and this forecast (astrology) will help to assist this process of understanding. Energies of planets are predictable through the use of astrology and you can judge when the timing is appropriate for moving ahead in life and also when to let up a little. Use this information to your advantage.

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