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On March 8, 2023, Saturn moved into Pisces and stays in this sign for approximately 2 ½ years.

Those with a spiritual nature may find that their beliefs may be tested. You will see how strong your beliefs actually are and whether or not you choose to change some of your beliefs during this time. If for example Mercury were in Pisces and perhaps your Sun in conjunct Mercury, and Saturn makes an aspect to this placement, your intellect and mental conditioning may be tested. You might have to choose between what looks like fact and what is fiction. This can be a reality check in many ways as Saturn will test your resolve.

Although Saturn usually brings with it a testing period, when in direct motion energies flow easier. If you have planets connected when T Saturn goes into its direct cycle the odds for resolution and definitive answers might flow much easier. This is not to say that Saturn will close doors when it is retrograde but you will have to work harder during these times. Saturn’s placement through the Zodiac will determine which area of life will be influenced and its natal placement will add to the full story of what its energies are suggesting at this time.

Saturn has been in Aquarius for about 2 ½ years and it is quite comfortable in this sign as it is the traditional ruler of Aquarius. It is still considered by many Astrologers to be its co-ruler.

In Pisces, Saturn will operate on a different level although it always promotes teachings that over time prove to be beneficial. If Saturn moves you in a new direction it will likely not happen quickly and it may take some time to become comfortable in your new situation. Over time you will recognize that what took place was necessary. You will function better under the new situation or learn to adjust to old ways if no changes take place. Sometimes Saturn’s lessons speak of realizing what is in front of you and knowing that this is what should be in place even after long deliberation on whether or not to make changes.

Saturn in Pisces may be a little uncomfortable at first but you will get used to these energies. They will prove to validate what is important in your evolutionary quest. It will likely open your eyes. This will bring into light what is important with lessons along the way of what, over time, proves to be just what was needed.

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