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Saturn tends to make things difficult while transiting the houses (each house represents specific areas of life) making aspects to planets, luminaries and the angles in our charts. Saturn has difficult, yet valuable, lessons to teach.

Saturn is often associated with studious conditions and work-related matters. Its effects can be long lasting, often requiring a lot of work. This can relate to our goals in life and what it takes to reach them. These goals should be far reaching and long-range. With hard work and a diligent effort some of these goals can be attained and often stand the test of time.

When T Saturn is in opposition, this often signifies that other people will be involved somehow, (often the energies come from someone else, or the action is initiated by someone else). The energies are challenging and can be emotional when the Moon is involved.

The Moon is very sensitive but especially sensitive towards the family, the children and anyone needing nurture. Eg If this opposition involves one of your children (fifth house or fourth house) you would have difficulty protecting them or they might be challenging your authority.

You may find that although you feel very emotional, part of you will want to control your emotions during this period. This would not be easy for someone with their Moon in Cancer or Pisces or if the Moon is challenged in the natal chart. You may find that you back off, when in fact you should be pushing forward. You should be standing your ground and do what must be done, as being strict and steadfast in your approach might be just what Saturn is requiring or teaching you. Remember Saturn is the teacher and the disciplinarian.

It will not be an easy lesson to learn. If you need to take a stand, in the long haul, it will potentially work in your favour but it may not feel this way in the moment.

Saturn offers rewards for conscientiousness and careful planning. Take time to plan out the steps you need to take. Evaluate your circumstances and plan and prepare.

If you find that you are fighting back from an emotional standpoint, you may be on the losing end of these lessons. Respond with kindness and affection if the potential exists. In some cases depending on the Moon’s sign it may be difficult to react with kindness and loving affection, but it is always available on some level.

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