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We are continuing our look at Saturn from August 7, 2020, when we touched on Saturn Retrograde. Today we will focus on the houses and their influence with transiting Saturn Retrograde.

Saturn in the tenth speaks strongly of opportunities with the career and personal status. Saturn in the second speaks of potential for extra income and opportunities to establish yourself which in turn provides a greater feeling of satisfaction and security. Saturn in the sixth speaks of opportunities to make personal changes in the working environment and with co-workers. In some cases, you can seek out help from those who you work with, if this is a requirement.

If you find Saturn while in retrograde passing over your Ascendant or moving through the first house, this can be a time of personal improvement and establishing yourself by how you represent yourself to the public. Saturn in retrograde passing over the Ascendant might be a time you push yourself to join an exercise programme and decide to look after your body as sometimes when Saturn moves over the Ascendant (the health centre) in direct motion it can indicate some struggles in health related matters. Other factors, however, must be in place for this to have any real profound effects on the body.

If Saturn is moving through the seventh house this is a time for self-improvement and this can have effects on your marriage and with close personal relationships and even business partnership. You can have a serious approach to what needs to be done and how to go about doing what needs revamping. Saturn is always serious and there are no halfway measures about what it asks you to do. See this as an opportunity time, a time to improve conditions in your life and a time when you can rid yourself of unwanted material that now makes up part of who you are. As Saturn passes over the IC this will be the strongest effect unless you have other planets in the seventh house.

If Saturn is moving through the third house this might be a time for study and making changes to your everyday activities. Perhaps higher education is on the profile especially if the ninth house is part of the message being sent. Listen carefully to what your mind is telling you and abide. This time can have profound effects down the road and what you do now will make a difference later on.

If Saturn is moving through the fifth house or affecting the fifth house by aspect, then this might be a time to tighten up your relationship with your lover. It may be a time to move to the next level or if the relationship is poor and cannot be repaired perhaps this is the time to let go and move on. Your children being part of the fifth house influence may be an area of focus and perhaps you might want to lighten up on them, give them more breathing room and know that they are on their own road as you are. Sometimes they need to learn from their own mistakes. Saturn is the greatest teacher although the lessons brought forth may not be that enjoyable.

If Saturn is in the eighth house or the twelfth perhaps this is a time for deep inner reflection and relying more on your intuitive insights and learning how to find yourself in a more deep and profound level of understanding. Saturn in the eighth can speak of dealings with shared matters including joint finances and this can be a time when you make changes or decide to join forces in order to make your money work better for you. On the contrary you may want to separate your funds from your partner and become more self-sufficient.

Saturn in the eleventh or affecting planets in the eleventh may speak of joining a group of people who are like minded and share the same or similar interests as you. This may be business related and affect you in personal terms as time passes. Shared interest groups can help in many areas and it is never too late to join in with those that share your personal space and time.

These indicators of course are just preliminary and surface. Life runs much deeper, but this provides you with insight on how to use Saturn in a positive sense especially while in its retrograde cycle.

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