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While writing this post, Saturn is transiting the later degrees of Aquarius. On March 7/23 T Saturn moves into Pisces. While T Saturn is in Aquarius it squares anyone with their natal Ascendant in the later degrees of Scorpio or Taurus. While in Pisces, it will square anyone with their Ascendant in Sagittarius and Gemini. Check the degree of T Saturn and compare to the degree of your natal Ascendant.

The two energies of Saturn and Pisces do not always gel well. Saturn is not in its fall or detriment, but Saturn has to do with reality and facts while Pisces is rather spiritual, sensitive, and altruistic. In many cases Pisces does not do well with hard cold facts. As you can imagine Saturn has its eye on the material world and Pisces wants nothing more than to merge with the unseen or “feel” rather than intellectualize.

The beauty of Saturn moving into Pisces is its energies will bring out what is clear and concise, although not without some distaste, especially when it is in square aspect.

When Saturn is square to the Ascendant it is time to get to the facts of what you want to change or which way you might want to move ahead in your life. The Ascendant is quite personal and can be tied with goals and the way you define yourself in public. Saturn will make you review who you are internally and how you represent yourself on the outside world. Struggles will be evident and although you might not like all of what you see, now may be the time to make some significant changes.

If you have Scorpio as the Ascendant, most likely there will be some deep inner reflection and the surfacing of parts of your outer personality that you feel might need change in direction. Perhaps you have been too reserved or too much has been held in. Now you need to bring things to the surface that have been waiting to reveal themselves. Of course, with Scorpio rising there will always be a part of you that remains a secret. Not everything needs to be revealed.

T Saturn will likely be in the 3rd or 4th house so changes in communication techniques, everyday experience or within the home and family might be part of the process.

If a Gemini Ascendant (in effect early spring of 2023 when transiting Saturn now in Pisces makes a square to your Gemini Ascendant) you may find that your style of communication may need some tweaking. Perhaps you decide that you want to learn to listen more closely to others or make plans to stick with your decisions.

A detailed look into the natal chart will help define how these energies might affect you and the best route to take during these important aspects.

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