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Transiting Saturn now in retrograde (July 2020) moves back into the late degrees of Capricorn and then goes direct again towards the end of September and moves back into Aquarius in mid December all in the year 2020. Those with their Moon in the later degrees of Aries and into Taurus as well as those with their Moon in the late degrees of Libra into early degrees of Scorpio will be impacted by this transit of Saturn. After this latter date, it will impact all those with either a Taurus or Scorpio Moon in the mid and late degrees and this continues for about 2 ½ years as this is how long it takes Saturn to move from one sign to the next.

Saturn tends to create some type of challenge during its contact visit to most any planet as well as when it contacts the angles in our chart. The square (90 degree) aspect is considered very challenging and Saturn slows down progress, puts up roadblocks and generally makes things difficult when in this aspect. It does operate a little easier when in retrograde however but even in retrograde it still implies hard work and often difficult conditions. The house Saturn is transiting will be the area of life involved as well as the placement of natal Saturn and the aspects to it in the natal chart.

The Moon deals with feelings and emotions and can be associated with close family members such as the mother and family concerns especially when related to nurturing and creating what could be considered a safe home and environment. There is a huge difference between the earlier mentioned lunar positions not to mention the house location in the natal chart but suffice to say that they all speak of nurturing and family associations.

When you have a stressful aspect coming from Saturn to your Moon, the emotions may be rather challenging and you may even feel depressed and worried about family matters. Your home may also be involved and as mentioned your Mother or a close female friend. Worry and anxiety is common with this placement and if you feel that you are having a difficult time dealing with matters at hand these are times when we need to seek out professional assistance.

Things will settle down as Saturn begins to move out of orb, although some Astrologers, including me, have found that the most powerful energies related to Saturn occur when it is two degrees past being direct. Perhaps this is due to Saturn’s influence or energies being delays and restrictions. We are currently focusing on the square aspect and the energy of a square are tough enough that they will force you into action and because of this, you actually gain strength because you face the issues head on and want to do something about it.

Saturn will eventually create a more solid foundation although it is a relentless teacher. What you are left with, and once you are able to recognize the lesson, this change forced by Saturn will stand the test of time. You will realize after the fact that it was necessary to go through what you did as it taught you inner resolution and provided strength as you conquer the adversity. You will be required to go through the necessary steps before you get to the other side of the issue and you cannot skip any steps. Do what you need to do and know that the conditions of the lesson are temporary, but they will have taught you strength and resilience over time.

Patience is one of Saturn’s greatest teachings and you will need to learn this one.

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