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Transiting Saturn currently in the sign of Sagittarius and will have a serious approach to religion, life’s philosophies and have a strict code of moral principles. Saturn will push for the search for truth through a distinctive disciplined approach. Hard work is what we are talking about, and absolutely no shortcuts will be acceptable.

Sagittarius does soften Saturn’s approach to learning these lessons and although Saturn will insist on structure and the tried and tested route, Sagittarius will insist on looking at life’s truth on a broad spectrum.

Saturn in square to the Virgo Sun will suppress your self-expression even with the Sagittarius influence. It will make you more discriminating and also more than likely make you learn through challenging situations that can come into play. If Saturn or the Sun (again for those with their Sun in Virgo) are found in the tenth or sixth house, these challenges could be related to the occupation or working environment - this includes those individuals that you may be working with.

Sometimes this aspect suggests challenging conditions linked to the father or to someone in a position of authority in your life.

You may have to prove yourself and try to obtain recognition for all your hard work. Perhaps it is a raise you are searching for or moving forward with a business proposition. Nothing comes easy, but with hard work and a diligent effort, you have the potential to not only succeed in your endeavour but to rise above any expectations you may have.

Do not become dismayed if you fail the first time. Keep trying and make changes where applicable. This is a great time for achievement if you do your best and do not give up.

If by chance you find that you are still falling short of your objectives, you may have to stop your pursuit and cut your loses all together. Do not develop an attitude of defeat. Stay strong even in the face of failure and move forward in another direction. If the ground work was not put in place, there will not be an end reward. Much can be realized at this time, but it does take hard work and disciplined action on your part.

The Sun also deals with vitality. During this phase, you may find that you are short on energy. It is vital that you look after your body’s needs during this transit and that you maintain a healthy outlook on life as well. Some can experience depression and self-defeatist attitude during this time. It is suggested that you seek professional help if issues seems too much to bare.

Again, exercise and healthy eating is a must. Look after yourself. A healthy attitude and a healthy body go a long way.

Do not be too hard on yourself. This too will pass if you are finding it stressful.

This is a great time, however, for advancement after some focused effort. You can accomplish great feats if you follow through. Perseverance is required and you may find that one of the greatest lessons at this time is patience and alignment with the positive elements in your life.

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