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Trines (120°) are considered favourable aspects with easy flow and often suggest opportunities, good luck and favourable conditions. The Trine from Saturn to Venus is favourable but not without obstacles or challenges along the way. This trine often entails hard work, trying conditions but also a firm foundation and lasting potential after the aspect energies have passed.

Venus is often associated with love and affection and in general offers a warmth that surrounds the life experience indicated by the houses involved. Saturn will make you work for your results, jumping through hoops to reach your objectives. Falling in love is not an objective but under these conditions it does not come easily. There will be some challenges. Perhaps the love connection involves other people like an estranged spouse that won’t let go. Perhaps children are part of this love affair and working to make things right may be somewhat challenging. Something hinders progress and it may not be easy but over time should prove to be fortunate as you learn to work with the energies. Solidification is part of the process.

Sometimes Venus has to do with finances and security. Perhaps there are worries whether there will be sufficient income for the relationship. Venus may speak about purchasing a home, nice furnishings or an automobile. One thing that should be considered under this aspect is whether or not Saturn is in its retrograde cycle or moving direct. During its retrograde cycle its influences are much softer and promises easier passage moving through life events.

One thing is almost certain (we say almost as the whole chart must be considered) Saturn with the right efforts can produce very solid results and lasting potential. By putting the right foot forward and working diligently towards a valuable outcome with commitments, you can do well over time but patience is a pre-requisite.

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