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Transiting Uranus Aspecting Natal Pluto PART I

Transiting Uranus moved into the sign of Aries without going retrograde again in March of 2011. It will remain in Aries until May of 2018. Uranus stays in one sign for approximately 7 years and has a total cycle of 84 years until it returns to its natal position. Uranus has an orb (or influence) of about 5 degrees when approaching. Its dissipating influence, after it has passed being direct, affects us until it is about 2-3 degree past the separating angle or planet. Although its influence lasts this long, it often takes a year or two to understand the ramifications of what its full affects were when it was making the last aspect.

Uranus has a strong desire to influence some important change in your life and this could amount to a total life change of direction or a desire to break free of restrictions that have stood in your way for some time. Pluto deals with uncovering truths and going beneath the surface and then fostering transformation on many levels of influence.

We will look at the various aspects possible between these two planets.

When deciphering the trine between transiting Uranus and natal Pluto, it is important to take into consideration the nature of the aspect (the trine suggests easy, unobstructed flow of energies), the houses that transiting Uranus is moving through, the house it occupies in the birth chart, the house natal Pluto is located in and the cusp which is ruled by Uranus (Aquarius). These areas will all come into play when deciphering the potential desire for freedom, the transformations taking hold and the areas of life involved.

Uranus trine Pluto is suggestive of coming to terms with a clearer and more precise understanding of your true inner nature. Uranus and Pluto are both planetary energies linked to higher learning and the unfolding of a comprehensive understanding in the areas of life that are dictated by the house placements involved. Pluto along with Uranus will insist that you have an honest look at your life and how you have been living it. You will then be able to reach viable conclusions and come to terms with what needs adjusting. This process is often quite painful and many people will try to alleviate these conditions by turning their backs on what needs to take place. These self-examinations are needed in order to achieve a greater understanding of the conditions in your life and what needs transformation and should not be ignored.

These pressing matters are not easy to ignore and also should not be, as a confrontation is at hand. Without that confrontation, there can be no conscious evolution which is what this process is all about. It may deal with levels of understanding where religious doctrines or belief structures will undergo changes in order to facilitate a new direction in life on some level of expression. The trine moves things along and offers a relative easy confrontational period where a resolution can be reached without too much difficulty.

Honesty with our selves is of utmost importance for we cannot escape the truth and the inevitable usually occurs on some level or another.

The square on the other hand works under much more challenging conditions than a trine. The square usually suggests an ending of sorts before a new beginning can occur. Pluto is all about the rising up of something that has come from a place of deep internal reflection and is now ready to come to the surface with new light and a knowledge that may not have been present before this aspect took hold. Inaction is not advised as, consciously or not, this is a time for reflection, investigation and then movement in directions that are not always apparent, especially in the beginning of the process.

We will continue with this information between Uranus and Pluto in our next astrology post on June 18, 2015.


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