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Transiting Uranus conjunct Mars is a volatile combination, especially in the sign of Aries. Both planets want aggressive action and both insist on making things happen rapidly and without little thought of consequence. Mars is impatient and impulsive as is Uranus and when these energies are tied together in the sign of Aries, it is almost inevitable that something will happen.

These two planets will be tied together in transit towards the end of February and into early March, 2017. Uranus’ action is all about needed change and breaking free of restrictions. Although the potential for unexpected events to unfold is likely, these changes are usually because of required action not acted on in the past. Uranus usually gives a push in the direction of change and pushes us to make changes with things that have been raised into our awareness.

Look to the Astrological house that will be affected by these two planets especially when in conjunction with one another. This will be the area of life that will call for change and the start of something new. Often a new direction unfolds although it might require a push on your part or a push by life’s to make it happen. Remember, if you have the opportunity to make things happen and you do not, often the energies are released in a much more aggressive manner and you are made to make the changes, like it or not. Also make sure you have a look at where natal Uranus is located in the birth chart as this area of life will also play into the formula.

If, for example, these planets converge in the tenth house, your career will be affected and your status in life might change. If you have been putting off moving forward in this area, you might be advised to take that step needed but once again much will depend on other planetary influences related to this area of your chart. If you have a trine from Saturn natally to this position, it would work out well for you as long as you had taken the necessary steps along the way to make sure that nothing was missed and you are well prepared. If Neptune were involved, you might feel very uncomfortable about the outcome of these actions yet unsure of your direction. Always look at the natal potential and how the transit is being affected by other mitigating factors.

The energies now activated are very potent and volatile and can be released in rather explosive fashions. Do not put yourself in danger’s way unnecessarily and remain calm during this aspect as arguments and disruptions are quite common. You will more than likely feel that you should assert yourself at this time and in some cases it is good to do just that, while in other cases, you would do well to take a back seat, although that could be quite hard to do. Taking a leading role in some way, you will be pretty much assured of results, and even the more passive individuals will push themselves under these conditions.

You may also be somewhat accident prone during this cycle, so take care in driving your car or operating heavy machinery and working with sharp tools. There is a more than average danger although there has to be other factors in the chart indicating something similar for this to unfold. Do not be too worried or get carried away. It is suggested that driving erratically or putting yourself in potentially dangerous situations is inadvisable. Just be cautious.

These energies, if properly utilized, can produce some fantastic results especially if you are accustomed to working with such energies. Pushing yourself forward in positive directions with much vigor can work out quite well in the long haul and even produce some valuable results rather quickly.

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