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Transiting Uranus conjunct the natal DC (Descendant) is similar in its energies as Uranus transiting your Ascendant (rising sign). The main difference between the two transits, although both will affect relationships, is that the transit to the Descendant speaks primarily of your relationship with your spouse, marriage partner whereas the Ascendant is relationships in general.

Uranus will create changes and a wish to break free of any restrictions that are part of this relationship. This pushes you to start something new and to feel free again. This does not necessarily mean that the relationship has to end but that significant changes will need to occur in order for the relationship to carry forward and flourish.

Anything that feels restrictive will be subject to change, so this could include your communication if for example natal Uranus is in the third house, or perhaps loosening up restrictions when it comes to sexual expression if natal Uranus is in the eighth house. When natal Uranus is in the eighth house this could include joint finances. If the second house is highlighted, financial concerns involving personal commitments and security beyond the realm of finances could be highlighted. Much will depend on where your Uranus is located natally in the birth chart. Its location will add to an understanding of what might require this change and is calling for freedom.

The seventh house also deals with partnerships and often business partnerships, so there could be concerns in this area of life. If, for example, your natal Uranus is in the tenth house this could include business associates or what you do for a living. If in the sixth, this could include those that you work with but not necessarily those in positions of authority, as this is much more evident when Natal Uranus is in the tenth house.

Sometimes there are legal problems or legal documentation that needs dealing with. Sometimes open enemies come to the surface when transiting Uranus moves into the seventh house and conjuncts the DC. The most powerful position is always when any planet first enters into a house. The cusp is always very significant and planetary energies are released when they first enter into a new house. If a planet goes retrograde and then in its retrograde motion goes over the same degree, you will have heightened activity each time it passes over the cusp of the house.

Uranus wants to rebel and when it meets up with the DC it will often speak of relationship problems as mentioned particularly the marriage partner. Uranus does not always follow traditional rules and its actions are often unanticipated, sometimes even drastic in behaviour. You can generally expect the unexpected when Uranus sits on the cusp of any house in the astrology chart. It is the tradition breaker. Its energies desire liberation and complete freedom of expression.

Although the energies of Uranus is often rather abrupt, its action is known to awaken responses and pushes you in new and often exciting directions, although they may not feel overly comfortable in the beginning. These changes, however, have been put in place because change is a requirement of the soul and once things settle which may take as long as 2 years, you will begin to understand why things happened the way they did. You will often get little hints along the way before it actually sits directly on your DC to make changes. If you do not take action when nudged to, its energies can be much more evident and sometimes quite disruptive. This will only happen once in your life unless it is natally close to the seventh house cusp, as it takes 84 years to make a complete revolution through the zodiac.

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