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Currently Uranus is in the sign of Taurus and has been since March, 2019. It will eventually permanently move into Gemini in April, 2026.

Uranus is known as the awakener and stirs activity into areas of life that not only need stimulation but a new direction. Uranus’ action is often abrupt and unexpected; therefore, it often causes unforeseen events to manifest

If, for example, you have Uranus moving over the MC you could expect changes in your occupation, your status in life and your aspirations.

When Uranus is in Taurus, it sometimes pushes you into uncharted territory and suggests that you move forward in new adventures although Taurus does not enjoy change. This could involve many areas of life, and much will depend on where Uranus is transiting in your chart and which house Uranus is in within the birth chart. This will provide you with some valuable information about where you could expect a desire to break free and to move in new directions. Eg if Uranus were transiting through the 1st house and in the natal chart it is located in the 7th house, the potential for a new relationship or breaking away from an old one which no longer fits your evolution path as an individual has potential to unfold.

Uranus conjunct Jupiter is often considered an excellent aspect because of the fortunate nature of Jupiter. In many cases the initial contact could bring possibilities for expansion. Eg This may be in financial terms (2nd house) or through opportunities for expansion within the working environment (10th). The initial contact could bring sudden unexpected opportunities where you could move in new directions and quite often experience extensive changes. This could take place through your own initiative, or it could come from outside influences. Regardless of how these changes take place you can be sure that they are meant to move you in an intended direction which will become clearer as time passes.

Jupiter expands and when linked with Uranus could bring new vision and opportunities to break down barriers that have stood in the way of progress. If these changes are necessary, you may now make change happen, but if you do not take action something may come along that propels you in the direction you are meant to go. Jupiter usually brings good luck and opportunities, so these changes are usually beneficial. Sometimes Uranus brings about sudden change and as quickly as it comes into your life, the individual or circumstance creating the change will leave. It is best not to count on things remaining the same. The only thing which is consistent in life is change. With Uranus you can always count on the unexpected.

This is also a freedom aspect and Jupiter can promote travel and with Uranus involved, there may be unexpected journeys. You may experience foreign cultures and travel to lands that you have never visited before this conjunction. You will experience new horizons that can lead to enlightenment on some level. Jupiter’s energy suggests religion and mystical knowledge, and this may be where you put your energies during this conjunction. You may be open to new and exciting experiences linked with mysticism and the occult.

This is an opportunistic conjunction, and you should use it to your advantage. Experience life in the moment gaining insight into the workings of the universe as a whole and your place within it.

Review your chart to confirm when transiting Uranus will conjunct your natal Jupiter along with all the other influences that are possible.

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