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Those individuals with Natal Mars within a five-degree aspect of Transiting Uranus would have a conjunction affecting their lives. The blending of the energies of Mars and Uranus is not always a pleasant combination. It can affect your actions as both planets are quite assertive and want to push ahead vigorously. Mars does tend to rush too much and when tied to Uranus the impulse is to propel forward without thinking. Often when these two meets you will act on a whim which can at times lead to unfavourable results. Taking time to think things through is advisable, as abrupt, impulsive actions often create mistakes.

If you have been thinking about acting on something importance and you have also taken the appropriate time to review what action you should take and have prepared accordingly, you may want to move forward with some disciplined action. This could be opening a business for example but be sure to take all steps necessary.

Check which houses are being activated by this transit and where Uranus is located in the birth chart. These will be areas of life being affected by this conjunction.

As mentioned, you may be a little too impulsive, and there is always the potential for accidents, when we rush. Mars and Uranus are similar in their actions and being careful is highly advised. Impulsive, rash behaviour can also suggests argumentative behaviours leading to fallouts in relationships. Uranus is somewhat tempered in the sign of Taurus as the energies of Uranus wants change and often through disruptive manners while Taurus is a sign connected to slow and deliberate action, steadiness and comfortable conditions is what it seeks. As you can imagine Uranus in Taurus is not all that comfortable.

Your temper can easily become aroused. Watch for this. Watch for putting your own concerns before those of others and make sure you always consider what affect you might have on others if you were to take specific actions. Taurus is a fixed sign, and you may feel as though you are correct in what you are doing and will not be swayed easily.

This is a powerful connection and can lead to unique discoveries, potentially in fields connected to science, computers, and astrology. Uranus wants to break free of any restrictive behaviour and the desire to move in new directions may be quite strong.

If, for example, the conjunction is in the seventh house, it is quite possible that a relationship is involved. This could be wildly romantic and sexually impulsive, but often when Uranus is involved it is usually temporary. There are strong sexual overtones attached to this combination especially if linked to the fifth or eighth houses in your chart.

The best advice is to move ahead with caution. It would be perfect if Saturn were involved in the equation.

If the Sun is also involved this could be the time to reach your objectives and once again if you have done your homework, things could work out favourably.

If the MC is involved this would make the link complete when it comes to moving forward in your career or schooling and reaching your goals in life or at the very least making the correct preparations for your future.

If the Moon is involved you can undoubtedly expect some change of direction, perhaps even a move and women may play an important part in these events, especially the mother.

You can do great things with this conjunction. If you are not ready to move forward, you will have to take your time to carefully plan and then move ahead slowly and constructively. Patience is required.

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