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The first planet we are looking at today is Mercury, the planet of the mind. Mercury needs to be stimulated by other planetary energies or important angles in the chart to become active. On its own, Mercury is considered neutral. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo.

Secondly, Uranus is considered a planet of action and often brings change, sometimes disruptive. This change is usually required as it creates room for something new. Uranus is impulsive, erratic and unconventional in its behaviour. It often brings a fresh start to an otherwise stale condition.

When active through conjunction, Uranus brings emphasis to what it touches and creates activities often put into motion on the days when it is most direct. It is used as a timing factor and although its energies can be felt for as much as 5 degrees approaching, it intensifies immensely as it draws near to becoming direct.

When Uranus is in conjunction with Mercury, the mind is stimulated and new concepts, often original and sometimes different from anything experienced before, can come to life. Communicating these ideas will play a significant role in whether they get off the ground. Inaction is not suggested and the need to be open and share information is advisable. Often a by-product of these blended energies is a shift towards altering another person’s perspective, pushing them into something new and stimulating (although if in Aries, the energies can be usually very personal in nature). Uranus has to do with technology, science and mathematics and is also correlated with Astrology. Often these areas are part of the unfolding storey.

Uranus also asks that we become open to anything new during this time. As a result, those that are fixed will need to become more flexible. Uranus is currently in Taurus (May 2022), and Taurus does not like to reach out to new horizons. Taurus wants stability and structure. Making mistakes is uncommon because of the need for things to be reliable and steadfast. Not taking the time required to think things through can be a result of the impact of Uranus, as it can be quite impulsive. Cultivate patience and learn how to persevere through potential setbacks especially if Saturn is somehow connected.

T Saturn is currently square to Sun in Taurus @ 20-25 degrees and will be causing a great deal of push and pull for those affected although this will not apply to those with their Sun conjunct Uranus which currently is 14-15 degrees. From August to December Sun in Taurus around 18-20 degrees will have these energies strong in their chart. T Saturn will provide a degree of caution and perhaps even the fear of failure, while Uranus and Mercury will push towards action. Take the time needed to ensure that what you are trying to accomplish has a chance to succeed and then move forward. If you happen to fall short of your objectives, do not hesitate to pick up the pieces and begin again.

This is a time to reach out beyond boundaries and setting sail for something new, that, with proper insight, has the chance to succeed.

All the best in your endeavours.

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