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Before we begin with this post, it will be important to recognize that all Sun signs are different from one another. The goals and aspirations and inner qualities suggested by the Sun sign and its placement in the natal chart differ greatly from one another. However, since we are discussing the transit of Uranus, the planet of revolutionary change, in many ways it will affect any Sun sign in a similar fashion. The natal aspects to the Sun and other transits to the Sun will also have an impact on how the energies of Uranus will spark the need for change and evolution for you personally.

Currently transiting Uranus is in Taurus (November 2021) so in some ways its energies may be connected to earthly matters. This can include any structures that are built into your life, finances, occupation, and goals.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign and Uranus with its need for evolution, its energies might feel slightly harnessed in Taurus. Uranus is the awakener and seeks new and enterprising objectives, especially when in Taurus. Uranus can bring change through revolution and often presents itself in rather disturbing and abrupt manners. Its action can be sudden and quick with little warning and as you can imagine in Taurus this may not be comfortable.

Uranus is in its Fall in the sign of Taurus.

Our Sun sign represents our inner self and in some cases is not always the way we reveal ourselves to the outside world (the Ascendant represents our outer expression). The Sun has to do with self-expression although often inwardly and is related to our goals in life, has connections to our path, and speaks of our general health. Each sign has rulership over certain areas of our body, internal and external and the aspects to the Sun in our chart and its placement by house position can help define our body’s operational capacity. There are further details that must taken into account however before we make an assumption.

When Uranus conjuncts the Sun, and conjunctions speaks of intensity and the merging of energies, the things that need adjustment and change will be in the forefront of our lives. We may be called to take a closer look at what our goals may be and how our life is unfolding at this particular time. We may also look for a change that will provide us with more security and a clearer defined goal because of Taurus’ impact. Our objectives are important now and we will need to gather information and seek out the truth that life may be trying to push us towards. Do we seek change for that desire alone and are we looking for something new because we have grown somewhat dormant in our life expression?

You might want to ask yourself whether you are in any specific situation because it brings you joy or if you are there because it offers security and stabilization?

It will likely not be an easy task at hand and if you feel the urge to maneuver yourself ahead, you may not be too sure exactly where you might be heading, and this can be worrisome. Uranus often wants us to jump but perhaps because Uranus is in Taurus, we need to take the necessary time required before we decide which path to follow.

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