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This aspect between Uranus and the Sun is a very fruitful and dynamic aspect. It is an aspect with energies that are concerned with freedom of expression, without restriction, and with the ability to be who you are regardless of what others think. In many ways, it is a new self-expression without limitations; free to be if you wish. You are barred from any restrictions. It is an opportunity to be more than you have been in the past, a chance to throw away any self-doubt and a chance to break barriers that have held you back. If you have imposed limits on your self-expression, this will be the time when you can let them go. If you need to make a break from the past, this will be the time when you move out into the world and become or allow your true self.

The Sun deals with life’s objectives and the ability to move forward with these opportunities. Uranus will bring you surprising results if you dare to go the extra mile and are not afraid of standing out or being viewed as different. You can make sweeping changes in your life based on what you want to do with it now. Not much will hold you down unless you fear what might take place. You will be your only limitations.

This offers a new start, a new beginning and freedom to move ahead in any new direction that life offers you. You can be the one that makes these things happen but do not be afraid to push into new territories. Even if you fall, you will be able to get back up, but you are your driving force and you decide what you want to happen. Your goals and aspirations have the potential to expand and manifest themselves in new and inventive ways. If you have been caught up in dull routines and wish for something new and exciting, this will be the time to take such actions. Change is what this aspect speaks of, and if you are willing to allow, get ready as things can happen at the drop of a hat. Swiftness is common and you can expect the unexpected.

You have to be careful at this time as people tend to rush and make rash decisions and sometimes accidents can happen. But as long as you think before you act, you should be just fine. Your energy levels might be very high at this time, and pushing yourself beyond your limits is not advised. Don’t take chances with your health and look after your body’s needs.

You may find opportunities to advance in your career especially if you have good aspects to the MC or Ascendant. You may attract unconventional acquaintances at this time that help to facilitate the changes taking place in your life. Enjoy them. They may not be around for long. You may find that the people who interest you now will be quite different from what you have been accustomed to previous to this time. They will, however, bring adventure and something new along with them if you allow them to enter your life.

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