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Transiting Uranus is in the final degrees of Aries and although at present (March 2018) this conjunction to the Sun in Aries is nearing the last degrees, it can be applied to anyone with their Sun in Aries regardless of what degree their Sun is in.

For the purpose of this post, we are reviewing this conjunction for those with their Sun in Aries from about 24 degrees to Aries’ final degree (before Uranus moves into the sign of Taurus on May 16, 2018). Uranus stays in Taurus until it moves back (goes retrograde) into Aries once again on November 7, 2018. On March 6, 2019, Uranus will finally move into Taurus again and not return to Aries for about 77 years.

Uranus and the sign of Aries often indicates a time of revolutionary change, and since Uranus stays in the same sign approximately seven years, (total cycle 84 years) it is safe to say that these changes have been apparent for some 7 years now (when looking at the current energies of Aries). Uranus often speaks of alteration and a new direction. It often pushes towards something that requires a complete transformation. The Sun speaks in terms of goals and aspirations. With this combination, we could surmise that those with this position have had their life goals change direction over this time (depending on what degree their Sun is in Aries).

These goals are often personal in nature, although they could involve occupational goals, as well as internal goals. Uranus often provides us with the push so that we see that something needs adjustment and often brings to light indicators that a change of direction is required. In the beginning these indicators can be milder or subtle. Over time, if we do not push forward with what is being suggested, it can often take the form of a more aggressive shove. Sometimes the changes indicated can come at us in the extreme if we ignore the energies in the beginning and this new more aggressive assault can come without warning. Uranus is rather impulsive in its actions although as mentioned it often does give gentle indicators along the way.

If your Sun is closely tied to the Ascendant and in the first house, you would have noticed marked events and changes taking place that probably changed the course of your life to a great degree. Now, although these changes may have been rather dramatic and even life altering, they are set in motion because life had stagnated and a change of direction is what is being called for. This could involve your relationship, your occupation, your home and in some cases your grandparent. The changes were personal in nature and often unexpected. As mentioned if you didn’t notice the subtle indicators, these changes may feel as though they have come at you from out of the blue, and you may not have been given the chance to adjust to them before they happened. Perhaps the indicator were subconscious in nature or hidden in some way as these changes would have been associated with the 12th house which refers to, among other things, the hidden matters.

When (and if) Uranus crosses the Ascendant, you may make changes to your personal appearance. If Jupiter was somehow connected to this aspect, you may have put on weight or if Venus was connected you may have tried to beautify your looks. You, yourself, if you have this aspect, will have gone through massive personal changes. As this positioning begins to move out of orb, the changes will be permanently set in place and you will have been altered from what you once were.

It is best not to mess with Uranus as the changes implied by its energies are usually something that is a requirement of the soul. Often you have little to say with what takes place and it is best to go with the flow and not to fight the process. Fighting the process only creates difficulty and does not stop the inevitable.

One thing is almost certain, the changes that take place are called for and a new individual often emerges especially if tied to the Sun and the Ascendant. In most cases it is exactly what was needed and although it may take some time to adjust to, it will work in your favour in the long run (again this applies to those with transiting Uranus conjunct the Natal Sun in Aries. Much, of course, depends on your attitude towards life and these events.

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