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Uranus’ energies bring about revolution, sudden change, drastic action and awakening. Its action is dramatic and often leads to required development and inspiration or catastrophic change. These developments are brought about through outside forces in our lives which will lead to a much more evolved understanding of our life’s circumstances.

Uranus often provides you with insight into what it is in your life that needs changing and suggests a new direction is a requirement for the soul’s development. If you follow through on Uranus’s suggestions, the disruption, although often dynamic, will not be as disruptive and awe-inspiring as it would be if you did not move forward voluntarily into these new dimensions of life. If you are hesitant or refuse to budge from your standpoint, the result is often much more forceful and disruptive.

The Midheaven or MC deals with your occupation, your profession and your status in life and is often related to your vocation. It also has to do with status and public recognition and is a very powerful position when transits stimulate it. Your aspirations and dreams are also associated with the MC as well as your ego representation of how you are regarded by others because of what you have or have not accomplished usually in a professional way in life. Your individuality is often a reflection of what you do for a living and the standards you set for yourself. These are linked to the Midheaven as well as the Ascendant, although the Ascendant is more of an outward expression of whom you are—the you as seen by the public.

When Uranus makes a conjunction (conjunctions emphasis whatever they are transiting) your career is subject to change. If you have been content or happy about how life is moving along with regards to your career, this conjunction may provide you with even more opportunities and recognition for your efforts. If your work and career opportunities have been stifled and you need a change of scenery, this will probably be the time when these changes come to the surface.

Uranus wants to break free of anything that has been restricting growth and limiting you. It seeks out new things and pushes you in a direction, although not often by choice, to move you to a new path. Uranus although often disruptive is known as the awakener and forces you to open your eyes and see things as they are. Uranus often makes you realize that a new direction is inevitable, so why not move forward now.

The midheaven is also related to the parents and when Uranus conjuncts, squares or makes any major aspect to this position, it is quite possible that you will see changes coming to them. The harder aspects often suggest changes of an unsettling nature. The easier aspects such as the trine and sextile and sometimes the conjunction may offer opportunities and pleasant change for them. This could relate to either of your parents although the most dynamic one is usually the one that will be impacted by this aspect.

With all this information in mind and when you are about to go into a transit of importance affecting the MC, you may be more ready for change and you can use these energies appropriately to help you move in the intended direction.

Remember Astrology points the way but in most cases you are at the wheel. You have opportunities to make these changes for yourself or at the very least have the potential to direct your thoughts on and attitude towards how you want to be affected by life’s conditions. Keep your attitude positive and you will enjoy a positive life.

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