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Transiting Uranus moved into Taurus on a permanent basis in March, 2019. It will remain in the sign of Taurus until 2026 although it does move into Gemini and then goes retrograde prior to that time near the end of its Taurus cycle. Those with Venus in Taurus will either be experiencing this conjunction, or they have already had this conjunction in their charts prior to this post.

This post will apply to anyone who has their natal Venus in Taurus at any degree. Venus’ energies are gentle and mild-mannered. They represent love, compassion and are social. In the sign of Taurus, these energies take on a new flavour. Although Venus’ energies stay in place, they will now be influenced by the energies of Uranus. Someone with Venus in Taurus can be very passionate in the pursuit of love and romance, seeking stability and structure. This is a gentle placement for Venus with a desire to form a permanent relationship.

Venus in Taurus is searches for something reliable and will build over time. Now imagine this combined with T. Uranus. Uranus is known as the awakener and really wants to stir up anything that has dormant. It seeks something new and wants excitement. Uranus’ energy will be a lot for Venus to handle, and you would be far better off taking the necessary time during this aspect before jumping into situations, especially involving romance.

If a relationship has gone stale, this may be the time when you want to wake it up, add some zing to make it exciting again. You may do things on impulse and act out of the ordinary while this combination is in place. You may also reach out for something new especially if in the past you have tried to invigorate your relationship with no success. Make sure you have exhausted all avenues before making a rash decision. Ensure that you are not jumping into something you only perceive as love at the moment.

Since Venus is about socializing, you may find that you are invited to weird and eccentric get-togethers with different people. You can expect the unexpected during these occasions. If Neptune is involved you may fall in love with someone exotic and find them refreshing and unusual. Again, make sure you see what is there if Neptune is involved as it can be quite illusive. You might be disappointed later if you jump now. Ask a friend for their opinion or take some time before jumping into action.

All in all, this could be a very exciting time. You can meet new and exciting people and enjoy life. Have fun and enjoy the energy wisely.

Any get rich schemes that might show up during this period must be investigated thoroughly. Ensure you understand all angles before you make an investment. Avoid impulse because Venus can also speak of finances.

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