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Mercury is the planet of the mind and of communication. There are times when it indicates travel although there would have to be other aspects that point to travel in the chart for this to happen. It also deals with everyday life and our mental reaction to these events and people. As mentioned, Mercury is about communication and this could go as far as telephone conversations and communication through electronic devices such as computers especially when linked to Uranus, as Uranus is often connected to electronics and modern technology.

Mercury on its own does very little and unless it is in aspect with others planets, it is considered neutral. Mercury takes on the energies of any planet it aspects or is aspected by. When it is aspected by Uranus, communication and mental processing becomes unique, different and far-sighted. Uranus is very impulsive in its action and when joined with Mercury, this could result in intellectual conversation and actions that would be decided on in the moment. You could say that Uranus and Mercury could be considered impulsive in their actions and with their thinking energies.

Uranus is all about pushing us out of passive thinking and activities. Its energies assist us in seeking freedom on some level. When these planets are linked by aspect, thinking is stimulated and erratic ideas may flood the mind. Ideas that you have never entertained before suddenly seem quite appropriate and you are likely to act on them too. Communication has more depth and meaning. New insights will be entertained and you would probably share these ideas with others. Many individuals would consider these ideas erratic and unconventional but certainly engaging and thought provoking to say the least.

You may find that the occult (supernatural, mystical, psychic) may interest you, particularly Astrology because Uranus rules Astrology.

Anything scientific also carries more weight than normal especially if you are already inclined to think in these terms. Abstract thinking and the study of subjects that are linked to occult teachings would not only interest you but you would be advised to undertake their study. You may find them mentally stimulating and they may awaken latent abilities linked to the supernatural that lie dormant.

Taking advantage of anything new is highly suggested but you should also understand that this whole process may be short lived. Sometimes the energies of Uranus bring things into our lives that are very stimulating and exciting but they can also vanish just as quickly as they came.

Try to keep your mind as focused as possible as Uranus will tend to scatter your thoughts. Watch also for making impulsive decisions. Always think things through before jumping in with both feet.

As mentioned earlier, Mercury sometimes indicates travel and with the influence of Uranus there is the small potential for accidents or mishaps along the way due to being impulsive. You can anticipate the unexpected when you are making plans for excursions and new adventures, as quite often things do not turn out as you first expect.

Whatever takes place, it will be an enlightening experience. You will complete this experience wiser than you were prior to this transit. Expect the unexpected and move forward as you will only live fully by doing.

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