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Uranus while in transit to Mars is not considered a favourable aspect. Both Planets are disruptive and push for dynamic change. In some cases, this can suggest aggressive force, intrusive action, and oppressive energies. Uranus known as the awakener pushes for change where change is needed, and Mars does so with force and in some cases violent behavior.

This is a time to take great care in the handling machinery or sharp tools. Watch for aggressive drivers and arguments that can go beyond a verbal exchange. This can stem from outside sources as oppositions speak of other individuals creating the energies. Avoid challenging situations and never end an argument and get behind the wheel of a vehicle while still angry.

Uranus will eventually place you in a position where you will move forward and away from anything that no longer suits your growth. Often after the fact you will understand the purpose behind the events and the potential being provided when the aspect is direct. Uranus often acts as a timing device in Astrology so check your ephemeris to verify when transiting Uranus sits directly on your natal Mars.

Currently (early March) Uranus sits at 11 degrees of Taurus so those with their natal Mars around this degree will either have experienced this already or will be having this opposition affecting their Mars shortly. Uranus went into direct motion (January 18, 2022) which is more favourable than when it in retrograde, as it now has its full and more positive energies intact.

Those that have their Mars between 10-14 degrees will experience this energy again as transiting Uranus moves through these degrees (as it did before retrograde motion), but the energies are a little less intrusive than they were when transiting Uranus first passed over these degrees. The first impact (depending on other energies which are present at the same time) is often the most powerful.

Our advice for those with these energies in place is to be careful and watch for putting yourself into aggressive or vulnerable positions during this contact. Understand that over time, change is often exactly what is required

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