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Mercury, although known as the planet of the mind and communication, on its own is relatively neutral in its expression; it does not favour any one direction. It is neither positive nor negative in communication techniques. The sign placement, house placement and aspects to Mercury are how its energies become activated.

When linked with chaotic Uranus, the planet known as the awakener, Mercury’s released energy is often sudden and unobstructed. Communication practices can be quite erratic and unusual in their expression and behaviour. One might say things completely out of character, and anything new and exciting may be explored. Even someone with an even keel placement of Mercury in Capricorn or Taurus, for example, would go off track and make comments that are foreign and out of the norm for them. They might surprise others with the candor statements and come up with some off-beat remarks and observations.

Anyone during this aspect may find that their response time is much faster than normal, and they are more flexible than usual. They may find interest in subjects that are considered unusual even bohemian in nature and will open the door to dialogue that others would find strange for them to even consider. With the opposition aspect, this transit often involves others and their expressions. You may find that they are quick on the draw, stimulate your imagination and take you to places you would not normally go.

Sometimes life speeds up and they might find that every day events seem to be happening in quick and unexpected manners. The mind is quick and reactive and is easily stimulated. Anything new now holds their interest. They may look at life from a completely different perspective than normal and any changes that take place may remain as part of their new makeup.

Much will depend on what house transiting Uranus is moving through within the Astrology chart. They may find that if Uranus is on the cusp of a new house that the area of life indicated by the house will undergo significant change and disruption, as anything new and free from hindrance will draw their attention.

They should also have a look at the house their natal Mercury is in, as well as the house natal Uranus is in, as these can become areas of life that are undergoing mental stimulation and may lead to significant change. Much will depend on the overall condition of natal Mercury and how easy expression is released. This can be determined by the natal aspects to Mercury.

This can, however, be a great time of learning and the individuals experiencing this opposition should pay attention to what comes their way. Anything new which hints of freedom will be Uranus generated.

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