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Uranus and Saturn are opposing forces in many ways. Saturn represents discipline, stability, structure and gradual movement towards a goal. Saturn’s energies do not like change or any kind of disruption and they are quite willing to wait for things to settle before moving forward. Saturn’s energies are reliable, secure and offer rewards for perseverance and hard work.

Uranus, on the other hand, represents the need for change and its energies are disruptive which often initiate change. Uranus is a freedom seeking planet, once again, through the agent of change and seeking the new because the old, outdated ways no longer serve a viable purpose.

As you can see these planets’ energies oppose each other and are quite different.

In opposition, which often suggests that the energies in place stem from outside sources (often from the actions of others), we will find that Uranus will uproot what once was a stable and secure situation in life. Often, if intimate relationships are part of the equation, people will separate, new relationships are formed and changes in the most secure relationships take place. If the relationship no longer satisfies the need for more space or more freedom of expression, changes will take place. If someone new and exciting comes into the picture, people may leave what was once a comfortable and satisfying relationship.

The feeling that a change must take place may be felt for some time and this aspect will create an event to take place that will force the change.

More often than not, it is someone else that instigates the change or some other outside influence with the energies of an opposition aspect.

One thing that is frequently associated with this aspect is that longevity is not often a common factor (when it comes to any new relationships).

If this aspect somehow involves the workplace or occupation, changes often take place in these areas. Uranus’ action is often sudden and unexpected, and people will leave places where they have been employed for many years in search for something more in line with what they want or what they need currently in life.

One thing is almost certain, the changes that take place are often seen as drastic with little forethought and the behaviours can be rash. These changes are, however, often put in place because a change of direction needs to take place and as we settle into whatever area of life is going through this process, we will come to realize the reasoning behind what took place, although this could take up to a year to come to light.

As transiting Uranus has moved into the sign of Taurus permanently in March, 2019, your Saturn will be in Scorpio for this opposition to take place. Check your natal chart. If your Saturn is in Scorpio, you will probably be feeling the pull for something new or for change in your life up to 5 degrees approaching and it will take up to 2-3 degrees once it is past the degree of your Saturn before the energies finally settling in.

Check you chart to see which house transiting Uranus is moving through when this aspect takes place. Check which house your natal Saturn is located in. Also have a look at the condition of Saturn in your natal chart, as well as the house that natal Uranus was in within the natal chart to get a clearer picture of what areas of life are involved and how the energies might play out.

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