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When T. Uranus makes an opposition to your Natal Venus you can expect change and disruption to love and affection. Uranus always challenges us to move forward and to avoid stagnation. Uranus is the awakener and pushes for shifts in life because what is now in place offers no further growth. Uranus is about revolutionary change which is put in place to promote deeper evolutionary growth and stimulus.

Natal Venus depending on its sign and house placement has to do with love and affection, romantic involvement, social events, and finances.

Uranus is currently in the sign of Taurus, a placement that can be uncomfortable. Uranus is about evolution and change while Taurus is about stability and structure which can create some struggle. If this aspect is about a relationship, this can be a challenging time because of these two diverse energies.

Under the best conditions (which is often not implied by the opposition) this aspect can indicate a more stable relationship after change and disruption to what was normal. In some cases, this timing suggests that there is a need for something new or unique to surface in the relationship and changes need to take place. You can expect this experience to be rather unexpected and sudden and of course both parties will need to adjust and push forward appropriately for the relationship to evolve.

Oppositions often stem from outside circumstances or other people being behind what takes place. Both parties must take some responsibility, yet outside forces may be responsible for what unfolds.

There is a likelihood of disruption to romance and finances. Often Venus suggests female energies are strong and particularly strong if there are other indicators in the chart. It is important to recognize that when the opposition is direct (example- Natal Venus at 15 degrees Scorpio and Transiting Uranus at 15 degrees Taurus) the energies will be at their peak.

Uranus can be used as a timing device, and you can calculate and expect the conditions to reach a peak when they are direct.

It is also important to point out that (although Uranus known as the awakener and also subject to massive change and disruption) the final outcome always brings us to a place where we are meant to go. This new advancement in life will correlate with what we need for evolution and growth to take hold.

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