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This post will apply to those with their Sun in Cancer or Pisces. Transiting Uranus has remained in the sign of Taurus since the spring of 2019 and stay in Taurus for about 7 years. This sextile will at some point apply to Cancer and Pisces individuals over this period depending on the degree of their Sun. You can give yourself a 7-8 degree orb of influence gaining in strength as it approaches and dissipating at about 2 degrees past being direct.

Uranus has a powerful impact when it is direct and is often used as a timer of events because you can depend on something taking place within a couple of days of its direct impact.

Transiting Uranus has to do with change, and it has been known as the awakener. It often works in sudden and unexpected ways without much warning, although sometimes we get little hints suggesting that something needs revamping or concrete change. Uranus seeks freedom of expression and acts in unusual ways. It is very challenging to pinpoint exactly how things will manifest but its intension is to create needed change in order for us to move in a more appropriate direction that suits our evolutionary quest at the time.

The Sun in its broadest terms speaks of our inner selves, who we are and our life’s path. It can also speak of goals and aspirations which can manifest on many levels. The Sun is our vital energy and along with Mars and natal aspects to either or both from any planet can define our core vitality and energy level. The Sun has to do with drive, ambition and achievements and when connected to Uranus it is often a time of change with our ambitious intentions, and directions go through change and reorientation.

Uranus seeks out the new and prompts us to evaluate conditions that have been in place for some time. You may find that you are asking yourself if this is appropriate for this time in your life and whether or not you need to make significant changes of direction or begin anew in a totally new direction. This can include relationships, occupation, life’s direction, and goals which suggest that this can be vast in its expression.

To get a clearer picture have a look at which houses are playing significant roles. Transiting Uranus and the position of your natal Sun will define much of what is going on. Always look to the aspects between both planets in the natal chart as well as other planets which will be affected at the same time, defined by aspects to the Sun and natal Uranus as well. This can be both transits or natal positions that we are referring to.

Sextiles usually imply opportunities and fortunate conditions but the whole chart needs to be carefully studied to get a true picture of what is unfolding. The whole change may take as much as a year or in some cases longer to completely unfold, so be ready to adapt and make change where change is suggested. These changes, although they can be difficult or sudden, will over time eventually find their way through and you will realize that these changes were due and that this new road ahead of you suits your way of life and the current path much more effectively.

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