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As transiting Uranus moves into Taurus (May to October 2018 and returning in early 2019), Uranus will be making a sextile for those with their Sun in the early degrees of Pisces or late degrees of Aquarius. We are focused on Uranus moving from zero to two degrees of Taurus, so those that have these Sun signs within an orb of up to 6 to 7 degrees will be affected by this sextile. The closer your Sun is to this degree, the stronger the influence in your chart and life.

Sextiles are aspects of opportunity and its energy flowers almost as well as it would with the trine in Astrology. The main difference between these two aspects is that with a sextile we usually have to work towards our objectives although sometimes they do fall into your lap. With the trine’s influence, however, the energies com through easier and with little effort on your part.

Uranus in Taurus should offer some stability to the unpredictable natural energies of Uranus. Uranus will be looking for some structure and reliability especially with transiting Saturn trine to this placement of Uranus for a good part of 2018. Things should settle somewhat and with some diligent work ethics and constructive attitude, anyone with this influence may find that Uranus brings with it opportunities for advancement in whatever area of life is involved. The areas of life will be determined by the house positions of transiting Uranus, transiting Saturn and your Natal Sun. Check also the placement of your natal Uranus as this will provide some further details into how things might unfold.

Pisces is a very spiritual sign for many individuals with this Solar location in their birth chart, although the rest of the chart should also be studied for further definition. This positioning of Uranus might bring forward some unpredictable insight into the working of your life and the mystery behind the magic of life’s experiences. If you remain open to the energies trying to push their way through, much insight can be obtained in surprising ways. It may be subtle or out in the open, but much depends on your own ability to immerse into the mystical side of your journey.

Take advantage of these energies at work and have a look at the overall condition of your Solar location (Sun sign) as well as the overall condition of Uranus as this will help define how these energies will unfold and how dramatic things might be.

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