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Squares are considered challenging aspects, but on a positive note, they often force us into action. Something needs to be done or changed to alleviate the stress or obstacles. We need to change situations and find solutions as the stress factor is too significant to ignore.

When the Midheaven (MC) is involved, it often relates to our occupation or career although it can also speak of our status, goals, aspirations and path ahead. Changes will or need to take place in these areas. We are not at the mercy of life but we know that we need to shift or we may become at the mercy of forced change.

Perhaps a career path is no longer available. Sometimes we can do something about it and sometimes we just need to adjust. In many cases we get warnings that change is needed. Other times these changes can be sudden and we may not be prepared for what unfolds. This is especially true if Pluto is also involved.

This square may indicate that changes are in store with our marriage and life’s status is moving in a new direction particularly if the 7th house is involved. You may be able to make changes without the relationship ending and other times the end is permanent. If there is an opposition to this placement, there likely is someone else involved.

It is important to realize that Uranus although it seems impulsive, the changes are required. Over time we may come to the realization that our new path is far better. Sometimes we need to role with the punches and sometimes we need to fight for our rights. In either case, change and an awakening takes place. It may take some time to realize the benefits but they will eventually be understood.

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