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When this post is written (May 2023) T Uranus is in Taurus (earth sign), therefore this post applies to those with their natal Jupiter in an earth sign (Virgo, Capricorn). We will not go into the degrees of the current positioning of T Uranus. Check your ephemeris and chart to see when the degrees match for you. The house placements of T Uranus, natal Jupiter and N Uranus as well as the aspects they are receiving from other indicators in the chart will define in part how these energies translate into action for you.

T Uranus is about change and in some cases through revolution, life experience, and upheavals and often comes through in rather dramatic manners often sudden in nature or unexpected. It usually brings us to a place that is more suitable for our evolution and growth potential. Uranus is known as the awakener and can suggest times of sudden change or moving us out of complacency, often giving indicators along the way with little pushes to propel us into action.

Jupiter is about growth and expansion and often indicates potential windfalls or potential shifts that are often favourable, and, in many cases, good things are on the horizon or already taking place. Jupiter is associated with good luck, ease in obtaining benefits and potential. In most cases Jupiter which is considered the greater benefic brings things that we wait for in life although if the general theme has been challenging it can bring an end to these conditions. E.g. if someone has been very ill and there is little or no hope of recovery it can hasten the ending.

The trine aspect moves well with the energies of Jupiter as it promotes opportunities and life falls into place when in tight aspect (the closer to exact the stronger the influence). E.g. T Uranus at 17° Taurus and N Jupiter at 17° Virgo or Capricorn. Trines in transit are what we wait for. They bring us into situations which offer opportunities to advance on some level. Once again, the houses involved will define the areas of life.

In most cases this aspect will reveal itself in unexpected ways and promote advantages and opportunities for growth and good luck. Be sure you take advantage of these energies.

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