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Transiting Uranus often speaks of disruption, dramatic change of direction, a need for something new to begin. These can happen in sudden and unexpected manners. It is challenging to diagnose how this change will manifest and to predict with certainty, but change is due and something new is on the horizon.

Much will be revealed by the placement of transiting Uranus, your natal Moon and natal Uranus in your birth chart. These houses provide information as to how this might pan out. The houses define areas of life so you will know which areas of life will be involved.

Uranus as mentioned is rather unpredictable and often provides you will hints along the way suggesting that something has outgrown its usefulness and now we push for something that will aid us in our evolutionary quest. If you are around the age 42 then you will be experiencing the Uranus opposition. Uranus has an 84-year cycle when it returns to its original position in the natal chart. This 42-year period, as mentioned, is known as the Uranus opposition. In layman’s terms it is called the mid-life crises. This opposition is when people make dynamic changes to their lives and usually in sudden and unexpected manners.

The trine to the Moon as of this date (June 2020) will put the natal Moon in Capricorn or Virgo. With either of these placements, although Uranus will push for change and often in a rather dynamic manner, there will be a part of you that will want to decipher why you want to make this change. You might like the idea, or you may worry about the change especially if you have your Moon in Capricorn which does not like change and emotional expression is difficult. With this scenario, you may find it challenging to express how you feel about what is going on. You may ponder whether this is a good idea or filter through all the little details of why you want this change especially if the Moon is in Virgo. You will find a lot of flaws with current situations with a Virgo influence and the change will also be viewed with careful consideration.

In most cases the trine is a favourable aspect and things can flow easily with the chance of something positive coming out of the eventual decision, but it will likely not be an easy decision to make. Both of these Moon signs like the tried, tested and true approach and often remain conscientious and attentive about decision making especially when it affects the emotions.

The Moon can also indicate the mother or an important female in your life and they may be going through changes that may be powerfully active at this time. In some cases, this speaks of changes of residence and this can also refer to you and your family. More will be defined when you take into consideration other transits affecting the natal chart at this time. Have a look at the progressions as well.

Change is inevitable, and it is best to go along for the ride but with these lunar earth positions the decision will not be an easy one. Trines do help things flow and offer little resistance if any. In the long haul you will see that what takes place was preferred rather than remaining on the fence at this time. In many cases trines are what we wait for and the changes put in place will work out favourably as things settle in over the next year or so. Be sure, however, to review the whole picture indicated by other aspects within the chart.

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