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Although currently (February 2018) transiting Uranus is in its late degrees of Aries and is squaring transiting Saturn in Capricorn, by June, 2018, Uranus will trine Saturn when it moves into Taurus. Those that have their natal Saturn in the late degrees of Sagittarius will be experiencing this trine now.

The energies of Uranus (co-ruler of Aquarius, along with Saturn) push for change. If it is necessary for its energies to disrupt the normal flow of things, then this is the path it will follow. Uranus, however, does not stir up the need for change simply because it is seeking something new. It pushes for change because that specific area of life that needs change has become stagnant and is due for a “shakeup”.

Uranus’ action can be quite disruptive and often suggests radical change in an unexpected manner. Uranus is known as the awakener and pushes beyond the confines often suggested by Saturn. You can expect the unexpected when it comes to Uranus. Saturn on the other hand wishes everything to remain the same. It always wants the tried, tested and true in anything. It enjoys routine and those things that have been in place for some time. Saturn resists even when the energies at hand suggest change is needed. Saturn insists on keeping things as they are.

As you can imagine these two powerful planets do not blend well together. Saturn restricts any form of change and Uranus resists any form of conformity. Saturn likes things as they are and Uranus knows it is time for change and sometimes radical change is what is required to stir us out of complacency.

Although Saturn, almost regardless of aspect, has its challenges, the trine from Uranus is a bit less restrictive. You may have to go through a careful set of standards to make sure that the change that is being brought to the surface will not be applied until we can ensure that safety precautions are in place. Saturn demands that we take the time to think things out before moving ahead and a plan should be clearly in place to ensure that your objectives will work. There can be fear associated with this combination.

Uranus’ energies want you to wake up and change directions so that the “new” that awaits us has the potential for growth. Saturn wants us to be disciplined in our actions and puts limitations on what we pursue, just for safety sake. If life has been limiting in any way, this will be when Uranus pushes for freedom and says it is time to learn new ways to help our evolution as individuals.

Saturn is often tied to material advancement, whether this be in work related ways or reaching your objectives. Uranus can point you in the right direction and will not stand in the way of progress, but will stand in the way of stagnation. This may be a time of finding new and exciting ways of doing things. The door opens for inspiration to find the perfect equation for growth and in opening the door, advancement is quite possible.

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