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Mini Forecast (Part II) for those with Sun in Sagittarius between 19 to 29 degrees

Transiting Uranus is currently in the sign of Aries and will remain there until May 15, 2018, when it will move into the sign Taurus. Those with the Sun in Sagittarius between 19-29 degrees will be experiencing this trine between their Sun and Uranus during the time mentioned.

Anyone with their Sun in Sagittarius but in earlier degrees has already experienced this trine and is now settling into the energies that were present and the changes that were brought forward as a result of this aspect.

Uranus is often used to correct or confirm the acutal time of our birth by identifying when the energies are the strongest . It is often felt, and something is often experienced, on the exact couple of days it sits directly in the degree in question.

Uranus’ energy is all about change and often can cause disruption due to the necessity of these changes. It speaks of moving in a new direction in life because current conditions no longer serve a viable purpose. The changes that take place are often unexpected and erratic in their nature. One thing about Uranus is that you can expect the unexpected, although there are times when it provides you with information so that you have the opportunity to move forward on these changes on your own. If you choose to ignore the suggestions coming your way however, and you do not move when the time is ripe for action, Uranus will often bring these changes your way in an rather abrupt manner and unexpected fashion.

The Sun has to do with your goals in life and your objectives, and these can have a very wide range. Perhaps you are pushing to start your own business or perhaps you are wishing to advance in your career or change jobs. These along with other potentials can now manifest and you have the ability to make these changes or go after your goals with what appears to be help from the outside world. Your goals are attainable or the changes that you need to make are feasible.

Sometimes the Sun speaks of the husband or father, and this trine may affect them in a similar fashion as it might affect you. Do not forget there is a wide range of potentials, so this could include forming a meaningful relationship with someone near to you or breaking away from an intrusive relationship that only fosters harm. It could include beginning a new health regime and looking after yourself better. It might include making changes to your home or within the family structure. Whatever the change, new beginnings are at hand. What once was will be left behind and something new will take its place.

Although the potential for some strife is possible, these new beginnings are a necessary part of your overall growth. Uranus pushes for a change in a new direction because this is the best path to take and offers many rewards over time. Be ready for a change of direction and make those changes if you can before Uranus’ insists that they be made. If you can start the change on your own, the impact may not be as intrusive or unexpected. You are always in control of your destiny, and you can use astrology to pinpoint when the timing is perfect for change and when it is best advised to not make changes. Take advantage of these energies as they are quite favourable overall.

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