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For the remainder of 2021 and through to 2026, transiting Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus. Uranus moved into Taurus in May, 2018, and went retrograde and moved back into Aries in November, 2018. In March, 2019, it moved back into Taurus.

Taurus is a Fixed, Earth sign and Uranus, known for bringing about necessary charge, may have some struggles in moving ahead. Earthly matters will be indicative of the changes that will take place. Uranus is currently at 14 degrees Taurus (September 2021) and in retrograde. It becomes direct on January 18, 2022.

The Trine aspect, in general, is considered a fortunate aspect, although (for example) if someone has been struggling with a serious illness, this aspect’s energies can define the finalization of this energy and will give details on the passing beyond the turmoil which has been impacting the individual. In all cases, it suggests easy flow of energies and opportunities.

Uranus always speaks of change and sometimes the changes can be disruptive yet stimulating. Uranus’s energies bring about exciting change and new adventure.

In most cases, the changes (sometimes of your own accord and sometimes by the nature of life) will be what is required at that point in life. Life may have stagnated on a personal, spiritual, or evolutionary level and Uranus will stimulate action. Quite often the periods when Uranus is direct in our charts, we can count on changes although how the change takes place may be unexpected.

Transiting Uranus is often used in predictive Astrology as a timer of events along with the progressed Moon, transiting Mars and the transiting Sun.

With an aspect activated in our charts by Uranus, there is little doubt that we will grow through the resulting experiences. The areas of life involved will be defined by the Astrological houses involved in our personal chart. The Sun in Astrology often has to do with goals and aspirations, and this may be the time for these focuses to be stimulated. This could involve a business proposition, a job opportunity, a project that you have been working on now, etc. The likelihood of success is enhanced during this aspect period. In retrograde, the energies are not in full force. Retrograde Uranus moves from 14 degrees to 11 degrees so anyone who has their Earth sign Sun in trine at these degrees will experience these energies three times as it passes over the Sun’s position.

The Sun also speaks of physical health, and many can begin new physical regimes during this time. You may find that you are looking after yourself much better during and after this period and what you set in motion can be followed through on and permanently incorporated into your routine. This may be particularly true if the sixth house is activated. Using these energies in a positive manner can bring about great results. If you choose not to act on these energies, you are wasting a great opportunity and you may be forced, down the road, to take alternative measures to alleviate what could be dealt with now.

Is it time to move forward in a new direction?

Are there opportunities available for you to take advantage of?

Do not sit back and do nothing if this aspect is in your Chart. Use these energies to your advantage. It will be a long time (if ever again depending on your age) before this aspect returns in your Chart. Uranus has an 84-year cycle, so the next time your Sun is trine to transiting Uranus will be roughly 28 years from now.

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