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Transiting Uranus has an 84 year cycle. In other words, it takes Uranus approximately 84 years to circle the zodiac and move back to the original position where it was located at the time of your birth. As a result, it is most likely that Uranus will trines its natal position twice in a life time. Its first contact by trine is around the age 28 closely aligning with your first Saturn return, and the second trine will be at age 56, which is a couple of years prior to your second Saturn return. Both of these positions will vary in energy from individual to individual primarily because of the location of transiting Uranus as well as the position of Natal Uranus by house position in our charts.

The first trine of Uranus to Uranus is significant because of the massive changes that will occur as a result of this trine and as a result of the Saturn return. The Trine to Uranus initiates a desire for change and the want to break free and begin anew or start over, utilizing the information obtained through our experiences in life. Uranus wants to shake things up and a trine usually suggests affirmative changes. There will be a desire to break free from the influence of your parents and sometimes your peer group because this time is often referred to as the transition from young adulthood into maturity and with maturity comes responsibility.

You want to be able to do the things as your choose and to be able to express yourself more precisely more now than anytime up to this point in life. With the Saturn return quickly at the heels of this trine to Uranus, responsibilities are sure to come your way and rather quickly. This is a time of gaining inner strength and resilience so you are ready for whatever your Saturn’s return will bring. This could include finding a suitable mate if you do not already have an appropriate one, finding an occupation that suits your ever changing needs, (which I promise will settle after the Saturn return) and to break free of any restrictive life influences that have been holding you back.

The second trine at the age of 56 is quite different as you will be in a totally different state of mind and will look at life from a different vantage point. You are no longer setting the stage for what is important in life as when you were 28. The need to settle into your life’s work and raising a family is likely behind you. Initially, this second trine is a time for reflection and reviewing where you are now especially from the time of your Uranus opposition to its birth position at age 42. The changes you made at that stage in your life have taken you to where you are now. You will now evaluate your life’s experiences and your achievements and in most cases, ready yourself for retirement which often can begin in and around the second Saturn return in about 2-3 years.

You will once again re-evaluate your life’s work and make some decisions on where you would like to go in the next several years. You may work towards early retirement and set the stage for what comes next. Some of us make massive changes during this aspect and as long as you take the time to think things over, you will probably be ready once your Saturn return is in full activation or at the least nearing its conclusion. What is important now differs from what you experienced in the first trine period. Now it will be your needs that must be met and you will make whatever changes needed that can push you in your intended direction.

During this trine it is suggested that you take the time to set a course that will eventually take you to where you might see yourself in approximately seven years when Uranus makes it second square to itself at age 63.

The second Uranus trine is usually an exciting change of direction, one which is required by the soul personality itself and will take you where you need to go. Both of these periods can be disruptive as sometimes change can be stressful and the energies of Uranus can be sudden but under most conditions, the final outcome is positive in its nature.

Prepare yourself for change, for evolution, for an awakening of self. This “self” is one that will not be recognizable until this period in your life has been experienced.

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