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This transit of Uranus heralds the potential start of new and exciting relationships. This aspect can be associated with a fascinating and unique love relationship, where you will find that the person you are drawn to is quite different from the character traits that you are more accustomed too. You are seeking freedom of self-expression and also someone to share this with. Now could be a perfect time for beginning such relationships.

Under the more harsh aspects of Uranus to Venus, these relationships may be short term and these people come to implement some needed change for you. Often these individuals leave a marked influence in your life.

However with the trine (a more easy flow aspect), the potential for longer lasting relationships is heightened and some of these may even turn into viable and serious relationships and/or partnerships. It may begin as a friendship and then go deeper, as you seem to have interests (which may be considered uncommon) that you share. This is what makes the relationship exciting and new. Love relationships can certainly flourish under this aspect.

When it comes to long standing relationships whether they be a love relationship or a close and caring friend, this transit will make things new again. Anything that has gone stale has the potential for renewal, and you can make changes that can be exciting and spontaneous.

Uranus is impulsive and often brings the unexpected, so be ready for anything. You can probably lower your guard a little although the rest of the chart has to be taken into consideration as well to be sure of the strength of this aspect. This aspect often promises new and unusual relationships of importance. Life is anything but boring during this time, and you will leave this aspect feeling fresh, new and revitalized again, especially if you have been stagnated in your love relationship or with personal friendships.

If Venus is found in the second house and is well aspected especially by the Sun, Jupiter and even Pluto, the finances may change for the better. The flow of money may increase and is subject to change. Luck may even follow you around. Please note however, in order for a chance of winnings through the lottery, you would have to have significant factors in the natal chart offering this potential. Remember, the natal chart tells the life’s story, and transits and progressions stimulate that potential.

You may also find that you are drawn to spending a little more freely. Watch for this as overspending can become a problem, especially if Jupiter has harsh aspects connected to this one. You may feel very lucky and things seem to be going your way, and you may feel comfortable with overspending. Do not be pulled in by this thinking. You will have to keep a clear head under any condition regarding the finances, and love and romance. Life flows well however and things seem just about perfect.

Enjoy this transit. It may last as long as one year.

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