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Venus is the planet of love and attraction. Its movement through the zodiac is quick and often very passive in its energies. Its influence lasts not much longer than a day or two, but while in retrograde can stimulate an area of your chart for much longer. In retrograde, Venus can pass over a specific area of your chart several times and highlight that area for the duration it makes contact.

Venus often draws things to you and this could include romantic involvement, social attractions, financial conditions, creativity and the list goes on. It often suggests that this is a time to enjoy. Venus in its highest form is love, pure love; and its connections can bring wonderful experiences.

Venus in, almost any, aspect to another planet or significant angle has positive ramifications. Even under the more harsh astrological aspects, such as the square and opposition, Venus often brings fruitful conditions although you may have to work to get there.

Saturn is often the only contrary planet as it seems to test love and affection. Saturn is the teacher and can create work, although the final rewards may be a satisfying relationship if the foundation is built on solid ground.

Venus factors “growing into maturity” under a more stable and secure structure.

Under the influence of Venus, it is a time to have fun, go to parties, host parties and socialize with others. It often suggests pleasant conditions and fortunate encounters. Venus can bring beauty and refinement into your life.

Check to see which sign and house your natal Venus is located in to get a clearer picture of how Venus interacts within the natal framework of your specific chart. Also check to see which house and which sign transiting Venus is moving through to get a clearer understanding of what areas of life are affected and under what energies its influence will affect. The aspect it makes to natal planets has a huge impact on how the energies gel and how they will be released.

Enjoy your Venus transits when they are activated and have some fun. Make the best out of a good thing.

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