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We looked at the Sun in Virgo on August 21, 2023 and are continuing today with the transits affecting Sun in Virgo.

Currently both Saturn and Neptune are in Pisces which suggests that they are in opposition to those with their Sun in Virgo or other significators in this sign. Saturn in the early stages and Neptune in the late stages, are at opposite ends of Pisces. Check the natal chart to see if any of the planets are currently at corresponding degrees.

Saturn in opposition to the Sun suggests that this can be a trying time when it comes to your personal life and the goals that you might be setting for yourself. Things may be delayed or not working according to plan. There may be concerns if you can make plans work at all. You may have opposition from others regarding personal pursuits and it is quite possible that your career may be involved in the equation. You may find that there are stumbling blocks and hurdles to overcome as you move forward. It may be best to wait until the energies have subsided before putting forth efforts.

Neptune on the other hand has to do with spirituality, creativity and seeing things clearly. When in opposition to the Sun you may find that there needs to be reality checks along the way with respect to personal insight and intuition. Sometimes you may be off a little in your estimation but others may be able to set you straight. At other times you may find that others are interfering with plans and saying that you are not doing things correctly when in fact you are.

In opposition, Neptune can make you feel disillusioned about goals and aspirations, and you may want to escape any hardships that seem to be blocking your creative endeavors. If you are in the arts field, such as acting or music, you may find that others seem to have better ideas about how to move forward or at least this is what they say. You will have to draw your own conclusions but do not let ego stand in the way if someone has an idea that might bring about a better outcome for you.

Happy Solar return Virgo. Work with the energies available.

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