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On May 20, 2022, we looked at Sun in Gemini or strong characteristic within the birth chart linked to Gemini.

Today and on Friday (May 27), we will focus on the influences affecting those with their Sun in Gemini or strong characteristics tied to the Ascendant or other placements in the sign of Gemini. You will, of course, have to find the placements by degree of each planet or angle involved to get a clear picture of how these energies will affect the chart.

Mercury moves into the Sign of Gemini on or about June 14, 2022 and Venus will move into the same sign on or about June 24. Mars then moves into Gemini on August 21. As you can see those with the Sun or planets and angles in the sign of Gemini will be powerfully exposed to these energies. Conjunctions shape energies, so you will have to take into consideration what the blended energies will suggest and the houses involved, as these are the areas of life effected.

Mercury (ruled by Gemini) will be influencing our Gemini friends until July 5. Mercury has to do with the mind & communication and at this time will be highlighted. Eg If the influence has to do with the 10th house then the area of occupation, goals, aspirations and life status will be involved. If the 5th is involved then the area of children, romantic involvement and the sheer enjoyment of life will be touched.

T Venus will move into Cancer on July 19 so from June 24 to July 18 it moves through Mercury. Venus has to do with love, affection and financial conditions. In some cases, it speaks of a young woman or important female. Eg if the conjunction occurred in the 4th house there could be fortunate changes within the home front or family members. If through the 1st house this will be very personal in nature and you may find love or receive financial improvement especially if the Sun, Jupiter and natal Venus are involved.

Again, we will continue this forecast on Friday.

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