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(Mini Forecast)

Transiting Uranus and Neptune are both making quincunxes to the Sun for those individuals with their Sun in the sign of Libra. Transiting Uranus is at 9 and 10 degrees in the sign of Taurus in retrograde, while Neptune is in the sign of Pisces which went direct yesterday, October 4, 2020, at 22 degrees. Uranus stays in retrograde until January 14, 2021, and moves from 10 degrees down to 6 degrees of Taurus.

The quincunx or inconjunct is an aspect of 150 degrees. You can allow 2-3-degree orb when approaching your Sun (or any other planet in your natal chart) and an orb of 1-2 degrees while separating.

The Quincunx is considered a minor aspect although when it is direct to any planet including the Sun, it is considered quite difficult and challenging. It has to do with the need for redirecting the energies of the planets involved, as it feels as though the energies cannot merge with one another. You need to redirect the energies in such a way that the areas of life defined by the house positions can integrate with one another and work together. This takes adjustment on your part and as these energies are not something that is hidden or weak, they force you into action or are pushing you into action (similar to the way a square operates). First, however, you need to become aware of the energies in place and then move forward in redirecting them in a more cohesive manner and this can be difficult.

Uranus in the sign of Taurus seeks to redefine and assimilate something new and original into your life that offers both stability and structure but at the same time also conveys information that the way things were, now needs adjustment. Uranus seeks the new and pushes us in the direction that is more suitable for our ongoing evolutionary quest for understanding.

Neptune in the sign of Pisces is at home as this is the ruling planet of Pisces. Neptune in its lower octave speaks about disillusion and fragmented truths, often pushing us to look at life from a more realistic approach although vision and intuition play a strong part in the unfolding. Because this is a challenging aspect, it will be important to view the areas of life involved from a practical, sensible, and accurate point of view. Do not be led by illusion and look at the area of life indicated by house placement with clarity although this will be difficult as feelings and insight can deflect from what is real.

The Sun has to do with our path in life and our objectives and goals that we set for ourselves. The Sun is a personal planet in that it is our life force and who we are internally which may be revealed to outside sources or may be kept private depending on the individual. Because the Sun, in this case, is in the sign of Libra the area of relationship may be a huge part under scrutiny at this time. There is a need for adjustment and perhaps reconciliation and fairness and of course justice when it comes to matters of importance. There is a need to find balance and harmony but through a new alignment or alteration when Uranus is involved and the need for honest interpretation when Neptune is part of the picture.

This can also relate to business associations, social interaction, the need for refinement and things of beauty but above all else the need for peace and balance. Do not try to deflect what needs alignment. Work towards a resolution that is fair and just. Work with others but also make sure that your needs and objectives are part of what unfolds in a favorable manner. It may likely be a difficult one to maneuver your way through.

Do not forget that transiting Uranus will go direct in January, 2021, so you may have to go through the process once again as it crosses your Sun for the third time, once when direct, once when in retrograde and once when direct again. The final pass, however, will see you through the resolution.

Check to see if Neptune or Uranus is within orb of your Libra Sun.

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