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Transitting Pluto Conjunct Natal Sun

This post applies to those who have their Sun in Capricorn, Libra, Aries and Cancer although we are primarily focusing on the conjunction aspect.

There are various different aspects and each has its own abilities. The conjunction brings an emphasis while the square often brings challenging and often chaotic conditions. The opposition brings awareness for dynamic change to the self but often through other people’s interactions.

If you have your Sun Sign in any of these cardinal positions listed in the opening sentence and your Sun is between 8-17 degrees in one of these signs, you will be experiencing the transit of Pluto accentuating your Sun sign.

Pluto’s action begins in a subtle manner but gradually increases in its intensity. Many of those who are sensitive to its influence can feel its approach often as far away as 5-6 degrees and 2-3 degree when it is separating.

Transiting Pluto has been moving back and forth between retrograde motion and direct motion for some time now and its impact is probably well known at this point. It finally went direct on September 23, 2014 and will remain in direct motion until June 2, 2015. After this later date, it will return to retrograde motion.

This period has been noted as a great time of change and transformation in the lives of those that Pluto has touched. It is a time to orchestrate your ambitions and move forward with your objectives, but often you will have to delete obstructions to your desire to move ahead in life. This obstruction is now old and outdated and must be dealt with and seen as it truly is. If these states of affairs are no longer viable and do not serve some real purpose, you will have to disengage from them and move in a new direction. They no longer serve you and in order for a new birth to begin, you have to remove these obstacles that now stand in your way. They have served their purpose and no longer have significance in your life.

You will find (particularly with the conjunction) that you now seem to have powerful energies that can keep you going and help you to eliminate these objects or habits that stand in the way of progress and achievement. You can reach your objectives as you are more prone to decisive action and assertion in the areas of life ruled by the house transiting Pluto is in and the house your Sun Sign is in. If your Sun is in Capricorn as this conjunction implies, you can move forward in your career objectives and personal sphere of activity with a new found enthusiasm and strong push to make things happen in your life.

If you are experiencing the square or opposition aspects, you may find that it is more difficult to achieve these objectives, but you will have the push required to make sure that these inner and outer changes take place, although not without some challenges along the way. You can now remove old outworn and outdated parts of yourself that no longer serve you and you are the orchestrator of these actions, unless you are experiencing the opposition then someone else may be assisting you with the changes that need to happen.

Understand that in most cases, these changes are what need to take place and you will gain momentum as this transit begins to unfold. You will eventually reap the rewards and understand the process completely when Pluto is out of range permanently, which can take up to two years.

During this transit, you may uncover facets of your personality that might not be too pleasant to confront, but confront them you must, as you cannot eliminate or transform any part of yourself until you first acknowledge what exists. It is best to concentrate on yourself during this time although you can also be of assistance to others. You can challenge and transform obstructions in your life although you will have to watch for ego intervention. All must be done with good intentions and push you in positive directions. Facing yourself objectively and honestly may be a difficult task although a necessity in order to foster this transformation that now needs to come to life. Stay true to yourself and be strong during this time of massive transformation and get ready for a new you to emerge.

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