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Treat Others as Your Equal

As we proceed on our ongoing life’s quest, we will meet other individuals that walk a different path than the one we walk. Some individuals are here to completely focus on this material world. Other individuals have their feet in two different worlds, living within the material confines of life but also living with a different approach quite separate from this material existence. There are others that have mastered the ability to live seeing through the veil of the material world and walking this earth with as full an understanding of our eternal life as humanly possible.

Some individuals become fixated on everyday drama, some are lost in confusion and some are just searching as they have stifled the concept that their focus and attitude impacts all that surrounds them.

It is important to live in the moment – the now. It is important to understand that our reaction to life’s events and our reaction to those that share this existence with us are completely within our control. Our focus simply magnifies and gives extreme importance to that which we are focused on.

For some individuals, they feel lost. They suffer mental anguish and confusion. These individuals have become overwhelmed by what they perceive as life’s drama and their current conditions. Their focus in life causes them to experience great difficulty in finding their way back to their true selves. Because of their beliefs, their focus and their fixed mindset, there is no chance of their regaining control without change. Unfortunately, they drift aimlessly through life oblivious to all that they have to be grateful for.

There are many others individuals with their own stories (too many to mention), however, the ventures of each and every one of us are all joined and weaved together creating the fabric of our consciousness. We each, individually, walk our own path but together these paths create a highway we traverse together in this moment in time. Each one of us is an eternal soul living an earthly existence without exceptions. We are all brothers and sisters regardless of religious beliefs, skin colour or ethnic backgrounds. We are all part of the whole.

We are all equal. Each one of us offers a unique talent or gift. Should we not celebrate our similarities and respect our differences? Release the ego’s need to be segregated and to be superior in some manner.

We are one—each part of the whole. Some of us take the direct route; others meander slowly towards our single destination, and then there are others who are standing still waiting for directions as they have lost sight of this destination.

Allow your inner light to shine and guide those that could use a helping hand through example. A loving gesture, as simple as a smile or a gentle word, can shed the required light to help these individuals along their path.

Albert Einstein said “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Accordingly, everyone’s soul will end up at the same destination, but if you judge others by the different route that they are taking, they will believe that they are alone and if they come upon an obstacle, and they will never expect to reach their destination.

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